Does the previous image of Jiya KC still haunts Bhuwan KC ?

Actress Jiya KC took the Nepali film industry by storms by vulgar dialogue and excessive skin shows in the most controversial movie in the Nepali film indistry, ‘ATM’ (Watch ‘ATM’ here). She tried her luck in a number of other so-called hot movies without any success. After she met Bhuwan KC, Jiya is absent from the Nepali film industry and has started living in Bhuwan’s home at Sinamangal.

Although Bhuwan KC and Jiya KC live in the same house and travel together, they still seem to be at unease when it comes to taking photo together. The last time they were photographer together was during the release of Anmol KC movie, ‘Jerry’ in November of 2014 (watch ‘Jerryy’ here).

Audio report:

jiya and bhuwan kc together

Photo – Bhuwan KC and Jiya KC seen together in 2014

After that, they were together during the shooting of Bhuwan’s debut movie as a director ‘Dreams’. The movie featuring his son Anmol KC and Samragya RL Shah in leading role doesn’t have any role for Jiya. In fact, he had called Jiya a vulgar actress at the time of the start of the shooting. But, she had joined the ‘Dreams’ team to Mustang with Bhuwan KC.

After April 25 earthquake, the shooting halted and resumed in June. Jiya joined the film team in Mustang and Pokhara. The photographs we have received show that the two were together but haven’t taken any photos together.

For example, in the photo below, both Bhuwan and Jiya are seen beside the the same light aircraft (Jiya’s photo on the inset, lower right corner) in Pokhara airport. The photo is taken at the same time as the same aircraft can be seen on the background of both photos. (more photos in the video attached above)

bhuwan and jiya same place same time

Here are some of the unanswered questions:

  • Why can’t Bhuwan and Jiya publicly admit their relationship?
  • Why don’t they take/share their photos together?
  • Why does Bhuwan say that Jiya is a “vulgar actress” and still is in relationship with her?
  • As Jiya was with the ‘Dreams’ team during the shooting, is Jiya featured in the movie?

Here are some photos of Jiya KC taken in ‘Dreams’ shooting locations in Mustang and Pokhara:

jiya kc dreams shooting location

jiya kc beside swimmign pool

jiya kc in airport

jiya kc

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