Happy Mother’s Day – Actress Mothers in Nepali film industry

On the Nepali Mother’s Day, I have collected the mothers of some of the Nepali actresses in the past.

But, today I am collecting the actresses who are themselves mothers. (Update of more photos and video coming soon.)

  • Karishma Manandhar – Mother of an adult daughter Kabita Manandhar.
  • Jharana Thapa – A mother of an adult daughter Suhani Thapa
  • Suvekshya Thapa – A mother of teenaged daughter
  • Sanchita Luitel – A mother of two children
  • Richa Ghimire – A mother of two sons and an expectant mother (expecting a daughter soon)
  • Jharana Bajracharya – A mother of a son born in April
  • Malvika Subba – A mother of a son born in April
  • Bipana Basnet (Fake Hisila Yami) – mother of the actress Rista Basnet
  • Mausami Malla – A mother of two grown up sons – One of the son’s Vicky Malla was the actor in ‘Samaya’
  • Bina Budhathoki is also a mother of a grown up daughter.
  • Arunima Lamsal is a mother of a daughter. Arunima herself is a daughter of another actress Bhabu Lamsal.
  • Pooja Chand is a mother of a grown up daughter – Divya Chand
  • Bina Budhathoki is also a mother of a grown up daughter
  • Melina Manandhar is also the mother of a daughter
  • Kunjana Ghimire is also the mother of a daughter
  • Usha Khadgi also has a daughter
  • Anju Pant, a well known singer is also the mother to a daughter.

A photo of actress Karishma Manandhar with her to be actress daughter Kabita Manandhar. Kabita lives in the USA for her studies.

kabita-and-karishma 2

A photo of actress Sanchita Luitel with her daughter Sahisha Upreti and son Atharwa Upreti.

sanchita luitel with her son and daughter

Actress Suvekshya Thapa with her daughter Anusha Thapa:

suvekhsya thapa daughter anusha birthday (4)

Actress Pooja Chand with her daughter Divya Chand:

pooja and daughter

Bina Budhathoki with her daughter Samana

BinaBudhathoki_with_daughter samana

Three generation – Actress Bhabu Lamsal is the mother of another actress Arunima Lamsal. Arunima is also the mother of a daughter. The male in the photo is Arunima’s father.

arunima lamsal with her parents and daughter

Melina Manandhar with her daughter.

melina manandhar with daughter in dashain

Actress Saranga Shrestha with her daughter:

saranga shrestha daughter  (1)

Ex-Miss Nepal Usha Khadgi with her daughter:

usha khadgi with daughter Pattaya Beach, Thailand

Comedy actress Kunjana Ghimire goes shopping with her daughter:

kunjana ghimire daughter

Singer Anju Pant’s daughter has also grown up:

Anju pant and her daughter paritoshika siwakoti

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