Nepali Movie – Priyasi

Nepali movie – Priyasi
Starring – Nir Shah, Harihar Sharma, Melina Manandhar, Bina Budhathoki, Sunil Thapa, Kiran Pratap etc.
Director – Deepak Rayamajhi

Made by Paradise New Movies, Nepali film ‘Priyasi’ was a hit film by the late director Deepak Rayamajhi. The movie produced by Ramji Shrestha features Kiran Pratap as a new face in Nepali film industry. Actress Sushila Rayamajhi is featured in a special role. Tika Pahadi and Narendra Thapa are featured in guest roles. Chief assistant director is Madan Ghimire and Bijay Ratna Tuladhar is assistant director of the film. Lyrics of the film are composed by Kiran Kharel, Bishowmbhar Pyakurel and Sambhujit Baskota. Action is directed by Mohamed Iqubal, sound by Rajkrishna Shrestha, editing by Satish Koirala, choreography by Basanta Shrestha, script / dialogue Mohan Niraula, cinematography by Chandra Prakash Ghimire, music by Sambhujit Baskota and story by the director Deepak Rayamajhi.

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Nepali Movie – Atit (Saroj Khanal, Bina Budhathoki)

Nepali Movie – Atit
Starring – Saroj Khanal, Bina Budhathoki, Rupa Rana, Madan Das Shrestha, Sikha Malla etc.
Director – SB Thapa

About ‘Atit’

It was the movie at the time when Saroj Khanal was one of the actors with possibility. That was before Saroj Khanal left Nepal to live in the USA. Actress Bina Budhathoki and Rupa Rana were also well known actresses of the time. The movie features the action of NB Maharjan, choreography of Kamal Rai, editing of Birendra Karki. The cinematographer of the movie is MS Maikal, dialogue by Gajendra Chitrakar and the movie is produced by RP Shrestha. The playback singers in the movie are Madan Krishna Shrestha, Sukmit Gurung, Kumar Kanchha and Manila Lama.

Watch the full movie:
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Nepali Movie – Apsara (Sanchita Luitel, Ramesh Upreti, Bipana Thapa)

Nepali Movie – Apsara
Starring – Sanchita Luitel, Ramesh Upreti, Bipana Thapa, Dhiren Shakya, Harihar Sharma, Basundhara Bhusal, Rachana Singh, Dinesh DC, Gopal Raj Mainali, Daman Rupakheti, Surbir Pandit, Khem Sharma, Bina Budhathoki etc.
DirectorRamesh Budhathoki

About ‘Apsara’

A 1999 release, Nepali movie ‘Apsara’ is a presentation of Mansarobar Films. The hit movie of its time marks the debut of actress Sanchita Luitel in the leading role in Nepali movie. The actress Bina Budhathoki is featured in a guest role and her husband Ramesh Budhathoki is the director of the moive. The movie features editing of Rajani Pant, choreography of Kamal Rai / Raju Shah, action of Rajendra Khadgi, dialogur / script of Rabi Kumar Pakhandi, cinematography of Murari Thakur, music of Sambhujit Baskota and story / lyrics by Dr. Bhola Rijal .
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Mom Actresses in Nepali film industry – Karishma Manandhar to Sumina Ghimire

I wrote his article in May of 2016 – to mark the Nepali Mother’s Day. I am re-writing this article because there are three more updates in the article :

  • Sumina Ghimire gave birth to her daughter in December 25, 2015. Sumina Ghimire had gone into hiding after marrying, so it took me nine months to know about her childbirth. (photo and a video report is attached.)
  • Simpal Khanal is also expecting a new child soon. Although Simpal had also gone into hiding after marrying a UK resident guy, she had shared the photo of her big belly recently. (a video report is attached – read more about Simpal’s pregnancy here)
  • Sumi Khadka is another actress who is pregnant now. Sumi had announced the pregancy on September 26, 2016. Khadka, a former Miss Nepal, was also an actress in a number of movies. Sumi had married Chiran Basnyat in 2015. (A photo is attached.)

Video report (May 2016):

On the Nepali Mother’s Day, I had also collected the mothers of some of the Nepali actresses. The creator, mothers of the beautiful and charming actresses are mostly in the shadow of the limelights of their daughters.

But, today I am collecting the actresses who are themselves mothers. (Update of more photos and video coming soon.)
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Happy Mother’s Day – Actress Mothers in Nepali film industry

On the Nepali Mother’s Day, I have collected the mothers of some of the Nepali actresses in the past.

But, today I am collecting the actresses who are themselves mothers. (Update of more photos and video coming soon.)

  • Karishma Manandhar – Mother of an adult daughter Kabita Manandhar.
  • Jharana Thapa – A mother of an adult daughter Suhani Thapa
  • Suvekshya Thapa – A mother of teenaged daughter
  • Sanchita Luitel – A mother of two children
  • Richa Ghimire – A mother of two sons and an expectant mother (expecting a daughter soon)
  • Jharana Bajracharya – A mother of a son born in April
  • Malvika Subba – A mother of a son born in April
  • Bipana Basnet (Fake Hisila Yami) – mother of the actress Rista Basnet
  • Mausami Malla – A mother of two grown up sons – One of the son’s Vicky Malla was the actor in ‘Samaya’
  • Bina Budhathoki is also a mother of a grown up daughter.
  • Arunima Lamsal is a mother of a daughter. Arunima herself is a daughter of another actress Bhabu Lamsal.
  • Pooja Chand is a mother of a grown up daughter – Divya Chand
  • Bina Budhathoki is also a mother of a grown up daughter
  • Melina Manandhar is also the mother of a daughter
  • Kunjana Ghimire is also the mother of a daughter
  • Usha Khadgi also has a daughter
  • Anju Pant, a well known singer is also the mother to a daughter.

A photo of actress Karishma Manandhar with her to be actress daughter Kabita Manandhar. Kabita lives in the USA for her studies.

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Nepali Movie – Badal

Nepali Movie – Badal
StarringBhuwan KC, Sharmila Malla, Krishna Malla, Bina Budhathoki, Tika Pahari, Ramchandra Adhikari, Laya Sangarula etc.
Director – Krishna Malla

Nepali movie ‘Badal’ is a presenttion of Screenworld by Gagan Birahi. The movie features the music of Ram Thapa and is produced jointly by Bhawani Shrestha, Sharmila Malla and Hari Maharjan. Action direction by YR Lama, choreography by Pramod Shah/ Raju Shah, chief assistant director is Ramesh Budhathoki, editing by Ashok Parekh, cinematographer is Shyam Mohan Shrestha and script/dialogue by Brajesh Khanal.

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Nepali Movie – Saugat

Nepali Movie – Saugat
StarringBina Budhathoki, Deepak Khadka, Rekha Rani, etc.
Director – Prayag Shrestha

The movie by Bina Films, features Bina Basnet (who became Bina Budhathoki after marrying director Ramesh Budhathoki). Other actors include Ranjana Shrestha, Rajendra Tuladhar, Khem Sharma, Sita karki, Usha Ranjit and Sabina Shrestha. The movie features art of Nabindra Rajbhandari, graphics of Raju Chitrakar, photography of Samagya Lakoul, lyrics of Prayag Shrestha, sound / editing by Surya Shahi / Raju Dhoj Rana, action by Raju Dhoj Rana,  music by Prakash Gurung, cinematography by Ishwor Shrestha / Laxman Panta / Raju Rimal. Story, script and dialogue written by the director Prayag Shrestha.

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Nepali Movie – Deuki

Nepali Film – Deuki
Starring, Mausami Malla, Bina Budhathoki, Puspa Shrestha, Gopal Raj Mainali, Sunil Thapa,
Director – Banni Pradhan

The suprehit movie ‘Deuki’ had cerlebrated 100 days in theater – a sure sign of a suprehit film. The film is produced jointly by Om Shrestha and Suka Bahadur Thapa for SOS Films banner is a film made on a Deuki tradition. The movie is presented by Samundra Bhattachan also features him in a new introduction. Actresses Shanti Maskey and Basundhara Bhusal are guest artists in the film. The movie features the editing of Satish Koirala / Narendra Khadka, action by Rajendra Khadgi, choreography by Shanta Nepali, music by Muralidhar,  script / dialogue/ story by Man Bahadru Mukiya and cinematography by Chandra Prakash Ghimire.

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Nepali Movie – Maya Baiguni

Nepali Film – Maya Baiguni
StarringDhiren Shakya, Bina Budhathoki, Shrisha Karki, Simanta Udash, Basundhara Bhusal, Rajpal Thapa, etc.
Director – Subhash Gajurel

“Maya Baiguni” is a film by Kumari Maa Films and Sheshnag Films. Rajesh Hamal is the guest artist in the film. The story and dialogue of the film is written by Bijay Shrestha, lyrics by Krishnahari Baral, choreography by Kamal Rai, action by Surendra Shah, editing by Naraendra Khadka / Anil Gautam, cinematography by Mahendra Thapa / Rajiv Shrestha, music by Madan Dipbim and script by the director Subhash Gajurel.

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Nepali actresses’ first child – daughters

It is a surprising fact that, most of the Nepali actresses have given birth to a girl child as their first child. Majority of the actresses have daughters as their first child. The a daughter of the another actresses Arunima Lamsal have also given birth to a daughter (update).

Bhuwan Chand with her husband and three daughters

Let’s see who are those actresses and their daughters:

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Nepali Movie – Sauta

Nepali Movie – Sauta
StarringBhuwan KC , Karishma Manandhar, Bina Budhathoki, Ramesh Budhathoki, Rajaram Poudel, Kiran KC, Tika Pahadi, Narayan Puri (guest) etc.
Director – Narayan Puri

‘Sauta’ is a presentation of Deepak Malhotra.

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Nepali Movies – Agni Parikshya

Machapuchre Films P. Ltd. Presents
Nepali film – Agni Parikshya
Cast Rajesh Hamal, Bina Budhathoki, Saranga Shrestha, Shrawan Lamichhane, Hemanta Budhathoki, Narayan Tripathi etc.
Story/Direction – Surya Bohara

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Nepali Movie – Ladai

Nepali film – Ladai
Starring, Sushil Chhetri, Niruta Singh, Sunil Thapa, Bina Budhathoki etc.
Direction – Badri Adhikari

Ladai is the CR Films presentation and is produced by Chiranjivi Banset. The director Badri Adhikari is the father of actress Keki Adhikari.

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