Kopila Upreti getting more aggressive in Nikhil and Sanchita relationship

kopila_nikhil In the phone interview Kopila Upreti, official Mrs. Nikhil Upreti, repeated more than once that she has faith in Nikhil; indicating Kopila herself being unsure about the latest report on Nikhil and Sanchita’s marriage.

Kopila, in another TV appearance, a Sagarmatha TV program, reportedly told that, she can give life for Nikhil and can also take his life if he betrays her. Mother of Nikhil’s six month old child, Kopila, sound feeling betrayed by the actor, already.

Nikhil Upreti reportedly told that he has married Sanchita Luitel when he left for Mumbai a week back. His wife Kopila Upreti however told that he will conduct a press conference when he returns back on Sunday (March 28). Today is Tuesday and we haven’t heard from Nikhil yet.

sanchitaAll these events have led us to believe that Nikhil has in fact married Sanchita and has run away from Kathmandu to let the situation cool down by itself. It is told that Nikhil and Sanchita have rented an apartment in Mumbai and they will stay there for some time.

It is also rumored that Nikhil has also sold his vehicle and has finished all the movie projects in hand. He hasn’t signed any new movies.

Among all these rumors the only voice being heard is that of Kopila – she might be the only who is hurt most. Nobody from Sanchita Luitel’s family or Nikhil Upreti’s family has talked about it yet.

Sanchita Luitel had divorced with Aakash Shah, two years back. She had married Aakash after a lengthy love affair. When it was time to finish the relationship Sanchita went to court to ask for the divorce. Aakash Shah is a struggling actor in Mumbai. I hope Nikhil has made sure that the story won’t repeat with him in future.

10 thoughts on “Kopila Upreti getting more aggressive in Nikhil and Sanchita relationship

  1. nikhil upreti shame on u….who cares now werevr u 2 go btr never return…ur nt a human .. hw could u ruin someones life.. mercyless… bt no matter our blessings are with kopila and her baby….. and sanchita ur a bitch….knowing evrythng how could u……

  2. wats dat f***** how could nikhil do dat to his wife,, u hab to pay for this in near future u also hab to face the same days as ur ex wife facing now… U and Sanchita bokshi never goin to be happy.. HELL On U

  3. I think it’s not really good to do so………… coz film industry will go down if we missed such grate and brave acotor/actresh.Aanyway if it’s true i will convey Nikhil not to repeat those activites in comming future coz the future of sanchita will be the same as like kopila(his past wife with her six months child)And the grate danger thing if that may be Sanchita will get same pain that his past wife is getting right now when Nikhil get married with Sanchita coz she need to think she is also the woman like kopila.Not good for those two guys…………………..

  4. I believe such a shameful act by such a renowned actor is shameful for the country’s pride…So if this is a reality then he doesn’t deserve a name and fame..and on top of that how could he be such a hard-hearted father leaving a six month child…Such a disgusting person—NIKHIL UPRETY

  5. If this is just a rumor its ok but if it is true then i dont thik they deserve to be part of our movie industry.Coz they r artist who acts reflecting our society n if they r in such track what message will go on people?

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