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This week’s new release ‘Jerryy’ has gained a good traction in attracting the viewers in the theater. The movie shows a lot of potential of Bhuwan KC‘s son Anmol KC. The movie features Anmol KC, Anna Sharma, Amalia Sharma and Abhishek Man Sherchan in lead roles. The movie directed by the ‘Hostel’ (watch ‘Hostel’ here) director Hemraj BC is produced under Falcon Pictures banner.



The movie presents a story of a youth Xavier Rana, played by Anmol KC, from a rich family. For simplicity, he is popularly known as Jerryy. A lot of girls are attracted to Jerryy and he is sort of a playboy who enjoys life in every opportunity he gets. He tries not to get engaged in any particular girl for long until he meets Akanchha, played by Anna Sharma.

Akanchha and Jerryy met in Mustang when Jerryy was in a tour to Mustang. In the start Akanchha and Jerry don’t go along well but as the time passes, they fell in love.  The movie is about the love and life of these two characters.

Star Cast

The director Hemraj had proved his appeal to the teenagers by his debut movie ‘Hostel‘ and ‘Jerryy’ is going to be another favorite of the youth viewers. He has rightly chosen the ‘Hostel’ actor Anmol to lead the movie.

Anmol KC has improved and matured much in acting when compared to his debut movie. Well, it was an improvement to his already good acting his previous movie. In our previous review, we had predicted he will be ‘the next big star in Nepali film industry’ (Read ‘Hostel’ Review). In both movies Anmol is featured as a son of rich parents.

The actress Anna Sharma has done a great job in her debut movie. The beautiful actress attracts not only by her physical beauty but her acting and portraying of her character.

Strength and weakness

‘Jerry’ has a good story, heart touching music and good editing and screenplay. The background music sounds good, editing doesn’t have noticeable flaws. The sceneries of Pokhara and Mustang are awesome. The movie will surely promote the internal tourism by luring the viewers to the beautiful places. The movie binds the viewers in the seats by smooth flow of story, occasional cracks of jokes and sequences. I wish the second half of the movie was as funny and interesting as the first half. But, that doesn’t mean it is bad.

Talking about the weakness, acting and dialogue delivery of some of the actors are annoying. At times, the flow of events seem predictable. The pace in the first half half doesn’t hold in the second half. 


The movie is a nice youth love story. The movie appeals youths and has spells to bind the viewers to the seat throughout the movie. The movie is good entertainment, good music and fun sequence.

Recommendation – Go for it.


Review by – Robin Manandhar

7 thoughts on “Movie Review – Jerryy

  1. The movie is awesome…. I steel have it in my phone and used to watch it again and again ….. It’s mind blowing …. super duper. . Out of 10 I will give 9&half …….!!!!!!

  2. Hey, its doma here…….I really thoroughly enjoyed your movie….you wont believe buh I have watch this movie 30times……because this movie is related to youngster….where anmol kc and anna sharma as a lead role played extremely well…I really lub u guys
    Thanking you

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