Sanchita and Nikhil causing movie delays

sanchita_luitel Absence of Sanchita Luitel and Nikhil Upreti in Kathmandu has caused delay in production of, at least, a couple of movies.

Sanchita hasn’t completed the dubbing of Nepali movie “Bandi” and the director of the movie Bijaya Kerung is looking for an alternative artist to do the dubbing for her role. Bijaya was planning to ask Niruta Singh to do the dubbing but it turned out that Niruta’s voice didn’t match the character.

It is told that Sanchita’s family has informed that she won’t return Nepal for the few more months. In Bandi, apart from Sanchita Arunima Luitel, Dilip Rayamajhi, and Suman Singh are in main role.

Similarly, absence of Nikhil has has halted the the shooting of another movie, “Kasam”. Director of Kasam Laxman Rijal told that he doesn’t know when Nikhil will return back. Everything except the scenes involving Nikhil has been completed and Laxman is waiting for Nikhil’s return.

Nikhil Upreti while leaving for Mumbar a couple of week back told that he has married Sanchita Luitel who was already in Mumbai. At that time, Nikhil’s wife, Kopila Upreti, told that the news was not true, who later showed her suspicion.

It looks like, Nikhil and Sanchita are living together in Mumbai and are not planning to return back soon. I have sympathy for Kopila and their 6 month old child. If the story of marriage between them is true, Nikhil and Sanchita shouldn’t have acted in such an unprofessional way while dealing with their lives.

11 thoughts on “Sanchita and Nikhil causing movie delays

  1. monkey will not make his own house n not lets other to build. sanchita ur like that .nikhil do think that a woman who cant make her own house than how she will make u thing remember sanchita that to be happy by taking other happiness will not last longer.a person who lift his wife n married u sanchita will also in future he nikhil may leave u n marry another.

  2. hi sancita i dont wanna to respect you bcuz u show ur behaviour .. evey one thought that ur simple heronie but they think that bad.. now u can show ur true behaviour.. u know that nikhal got married n he also hav son n than yy u married nikhal ha? yy u devorce with ur first husband ha?? evey body hate u . no one can care u as actress okok…so, dont try to broke nikhal family okok u…… so this is my request plz get out from nikhal life okok byeeeeeeeeeeeeee read this comment okok

  3. j garyo thikai chha k garne bhagyamanai huna pardo rahechha dui choti hanimoon tyo pani mumbay ma thikai chha gari khanus.but pheri break up chahi nahos la.

  4. hi nikhil i know you…………………………………………………………………..
    and sanchita good byeeee

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