Rekha didn’t show up in ‘Hamesha’ program

Actress Rekha Thapa was supposed to act in Chabiraj Film‘s first movie, ‘Hamesha’ . But, in formal ceremony of the inauguration of the shooting of the movie on September 17, Rekha didn’t show up.


Rekha and Chhabi are living separately for almost a year although they deny divorce rumors. The news of Rekha acting in Chabi’s movie was taken as a positive steps in mending their relationship. But, after this incident, one can be sure that the relationship won’t last much longer.

Rekha has been quite vocal on stating that the relationship has ended and she might even want to marry somebody else, Chhabi insisted that the relationship hasn’t ended.

‘Hamesha’ is being directed by Sabir Shrestha and features Sabin Sherstha in leading role.  The shooting of the movie is starting on Friday, Sept 21.

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