Rekha Thapa got married (to a tree) UPDATE

In a religious ceremony Rekha Thapa got married to a Bar (Banyan) tree. Banyan is viewed as the male counterpart of female plant peepal. In Hindu religion, banyan tree represents immortality.

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Rekha conducted a yagya ceremony and a religious puja. Although she hasn’t revealed the reason behind the puja, some believe it has something to do with her upcoming movie ‘Kali‘. Rekha is planning to release the movie in Dashain to compete with her ex-husband Chhabi Raj Ojha‘s ‘Loafer’.

UPDATE – Rekha told that the marriage ceremony lasting the whole day of July 10th was performed on the suggestion of an astrologer. She also told that she is a religious woman and she did the rituals for the better future and prosperity.

On the issue of clash of the release of her first movie for Rekha Films “Kali” with Chabbi’s “Loafer” she told that it was a coincidence rather than a tussle. She told, “If the movie was named Laxmi instead of Kali, I would have released the movie in Tihar. Dashain is the best time for the release of the movie.” She also told that every details on the release date has been worked out with distributors and theaters so, the release date is fixed.

Here are few highlights of the puja ceremony.

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