Rekha Thapa got married (to a tree) UPDATE

In a religious ceremony Rekha Thapa got married to a Bar (Banyan) tree. Banyan is viewed as the male counterpart of female plant peepal. In Hindu religion, banyan tree represents immortality.

rekha thpaa puja yagya and marriage to tree (8)

Rekha conducted a yagya ceremony and a religious puja. Although she hasn’t revealed the reason behind the puja, some believe it has something to do with her upcoming movie ‘Kali‘. Rekha is planning to release the movie in Dashain to compete with her ex-husband Chhabi Raj Ojha‘s ‘Loafer’.

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Namrata Shrestha and Saugat Malla to be featured in Jatra

An upcoming movie, ‘Jatra’ is going to feature actress Namrata Shrestha and actor Saugat Malla in lead roles. The movie will be the first movie in which these popular actors will be acting in opposite roles. Previously, Saugat and Namrata were also featured in ‘Chadke’.

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