Rekha to introduce her nephew, Avash Adhikari, in Rampyari

Rekha Films is known to introduce new actors in Nepali film industry and actress Rekha Thapa has continued the practice. In her upcoming movie, Rekha is planning to introduce a new face, Avash Adhikari. Avash is the son of Rekha’s elder sister.

avash adhikari

In preparation for his role in the movie, Avash is taking dance and acting training. Actor Sunil Pokharel is teaching acting to 22-years-old Avash. With Avash actress Ashma DC will also be featured in ‘Rampyari’. In reports, Avash had lived in his maternal home and was a good friend of Rekha since his childhood.

In addition to acting and producing the movie, Rekha Thapa is also composing the music (links to of one of the songs in the movie. The actress turned producer had directed ‘Himmatwali‘ and had given voices to some songs in the past.

Taking new actors in movies had been the strategy of Chhabi Raj Ojha and he had saved a lot by introducing new actors. Many of the debut actors never return back to Chhabi’s banner after they become stars in the film industry. Some of the starts who debuted in Chhabi Ojha’s banner were , Biraj Bhatt, Nikhil Upreti, , Bipana Thapa, Arunima Lamsal, Rekha Thapa, Poojana Pradhan, Aayush Rijal, Aryan Sigdel, Sabin Shrestha.

After divorcing Chhabi and taking over the film production banner Rekha Films, Rekha has continued to introduce new actors to save cost of production. Rekha introduced Sudarshan Thapa in ‘Himmatwali’ and now she is introducing Avash in her upcoming movie. Talking about the introduction Rekha had told that Avash is interested in acting and he had visited sites of ‘Kali’ and ‘Himmatwali’ to learn about his future career.

The movie to be directed by Shabir Shrestha is a story of a female auto-rickshaw driver. The shooting of the movie is expected to start on the Nepali new year. The movie features the script of Jagadishowr Thapa and music of Basanta Sapkota.

Photo – Avash with Rekha and Raute leaders. Avash had accompanied Rekha during the visit to the Raute village last year.

Some photos of Avash Adhikari:

Photo credit – Avash Adhikari