Sweta Bhattarai marries Milan Sapkota

One more marriage this moth, actress Sweta Bhattarai has secretly married a businessman, Milan Sapkota. There was no news bout the marriage of the two in media until Milan shared their photo in Facebook.

sweta bhattarai and milan sapkota after marriage

The photos was shared on July 6 and Milan had also shared some photos of some puja a day earlier. Based on the photos we can guess that the marriage was held on July 5th.

July 5 is also the birthday of Sweta.

2014 has been the year of celebrity marriages and July has been one of the most popular month with at least 4 celebrity couples being married so far. On July 5 Mithila Sharma secretly got married to Motilal Bohara. Two days later 4 celebrities married each otherDiya Maskey with Anup Baral and Shree Krishna Shrestha with Sweta Khadka. More than half of July is still remaining, so we expect more marriages to follow.

xnepali team congratulates Sweta Bhattarai and Milan Sapkota, and wish them a very healthy and long married life.

Photo: A pooja photo shared by Milan Sapkota on July 5.

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  1. Congratulations to Sweta Bhattarai and Milan Sapkota on their marriage! I’m sure they will have a wonderful life together.

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