Anup Baral announces Dokh in his birthday (officially)

We had told about Anup’s new movie ‘Dokh’ and its story theme in our earlier post. Anup officially announced the movie during the celebration of his birthday on Saturday, April 4, at Shilpi Theater, Kathmandu. The birthday cake was specially designed to convey the theme of the movie – football game.

In the event, Anup cut his birthday cake and shared it with the artists and the crew. He also announced the film title and the production crew. The story of ‘Dokh’ was selected in a script writing contest. Rajan Kathet had written the story of the movie.

anup baral birthday cake

‘Dokh’ is the second movie of Anup Baral after directing his previous movie ‘Fitkiree’. The movie is being produced by the Australian company that had produced ‘Ritu’ (watch ‘Ritu’ here), ALP Entertainment.

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Anup Baral to direct Dokh, a story of a football game

Actor and director Anup Baral is all set to start the shooting of a new movie titled ‘Dokh’. The movie featuring mostly the theater artists is scheduled to start the shooting this week.

Anup started film direction in ‘Fitkiri’ (watch ‘Fitkiri’ in full here). Although the movie was not as successful as expected, his theater play ‘Court Martial’ featuring actor was very successful. ‘Dokh’ will be his second directorial venture in Nepali movie industry.

The script of ‘Dokh’ was selected in a competition held by the production company, ALP Entertainment. ALP Entertainment had previously made ‘Ritu’ (watch ‘Ritu’ in full here). The script by the writer of ‘Mokshya’, Rajan Kathayat, was selected for the movies. ‘Dokh’ is a story of a football match between two villages during the Maoist people’s war time.  The movies pictures the conflict and hatred through the football game.

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