Inter-Caste Love story of Madan Krishna Shrestha and Yesoda Subedi

The love story between the comedy actor Madan Krishna Shrestha and his wife Yesoda Subedi is very interesting. That is because, inter-caste marriages was a taboo in that time. The love affair between a brahmin girl, Yesoda and a Newar boy, Madan Krishna was a no-starter. But, they decided get married and moved to a rented room in New Road. That was in 1974.

It was the Day Of Indra Jatra of 1974, Madan Krishna and Yesoda decided to leave their parental home and get married. Madan Krishna borrowed the marriage suit from his friends and they went to Suryabinayak Temple to get married. After a private and hurried marriage ceremony, they rented a room in New Road for Rs. 60 a month to live. Although none of the family members helped them in marriage, Madan Krishna’s friends helped them a lot.

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Valentine Day special – Love story of Rajesh Hamal and his parents

Nepali actor Rajesh Hamal is one of the top actors in the Nepali film industry. Often called Maha Nayak (Super Actor), Rajesh Hamal ruled the film industry for about a quarter century. He prefers to tell that the film industry grew with him. Hamal is credited for :

  • Bringing professionalism in Nepali film industry.
  • Being the first educated actor in the film industry. He had done Masters in English literature from Punjab University in India.
  • He is considered a no-nonsense actor. Unlike other actors, Hamal kept himself from having affairs with the actresses. Although there were rumours of his affair, all rumours turned fake. Actresses had termed him as the coldest actor in the film industry.
  • Rajesh is a good orator and can easily impress the listener by his oratory skills. Proficiency in his English language is also something not seen in the Nepali film industry.
  • The height, looks and the physique have also been factors that attracted youngsters of his time.

Rajesh Hamal Love Story

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Nihita Biswas making headlines… again (photos)

Sweetheart of international convict and ‘serial killer’ Charles Sobhraj, Nihiti Bishwas, surprised everybody when she announced that she was in love with Sobhraj. 65 year-old Sobraj and 21 year-old Nihita is an odd couple even without the the spicy criminal scene. That was why Nepali director Narayan Puri once told he wanted to make a movie out of their story in 2009.

The ‘love story’ made headline once again when the Supreme Court postponed Charle’s case. The journalists present there to cover the final verdict of the Court had nothing but Nihita Biswas to report about.

In 2008, Sobhraj and Nihita told that they got married on Dashain, the of biggest Hindu festival. But, as no priest or any court papers were involved the marriage proved to be a publicity hoax.

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