Prem Geet 2 promotion scandal, Aslesha Thakuri staged a wardrobe malfunction

The ‘Prem Geet 2’ team is currently in cross-country promotion tour. The tour started from Kathmandu to Damauli, Pokhara, Nepalgunj, Birgunj, Bhairahawa and to the East Nepal. In the concert held in Nepalgunj, the actress of the movie Aslesha Thakuri showed off too much skin on the stage. Aslesha wore a loose skirt and danced on an elevated platform, showing off her body.

The wardrobe malfunction of the concert was staged because:

  • Aslesha had specifically chosen the dress to show off. It was not an accidental exposure, she intentionally maneuvered in such a way that the skirt flew in the air. (Watch the attached video to see her in action).
  • One of the crew members, shared a video with a wardrobe malfunction photo on it’s cover art (with a blur on her back, creating more curiosity to the viewers).
  • The producer of the movie Santosh Sen had also shared the video on his Facebook wall.
  • The team later interviewed the actress in which she was shown crying.

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First Indo-Nepal musical concert being held in Nepalgunj

A musical concert, Indo-Nepal Musical Concert, is being held in the stadium in Nepalgunj, Banke from today, Magh 27 (February 9, 2013). The three-days-long musical and sports event will wrap up on Monday, Magh 29.

first indo nepal musical concert

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Bull fight on the street – nobody was invited

Our traffic police are well aware of animal rights and they let animals roam freely on the street. The drivers are fully responsible for the accidents caused by such stray animals.

There is not data on what percent of the road accidents in Nepal are caused by street patrolling animals. But, one can easily guess there should be considerable amount of accidents caused by them.

An example of what can happen in the street is the following photo from Nepalgunj. Pranit Sharma captured a live bullfight in the street beside Laxmi Guest House and Padmaganga Guest House.

It is not known if anybody got hurt due to the great sight on the street. Long live animal rights!

Miss Nepalgunj 2011 is Shreya Basnet

Shreya Basnet won the title of the Miss Nepalgunj beauty contest held in the western Nepal city Nepalgunj, recently. Sapana Parjuli was the first runner-up and Shreya Samari, the second runner-up in the contest.

Miss Nepalgunj Shreya is the resident of DSP Road and is studying is grade 11 in Bright Land Higher Secondary School.

In the event, Preeti Rajbhandari was awarded Miss Catwalk, Kamana GC, the Miss Beautiful, Binita Thapa, the Miss Personality, Sadina Thapa, the Miss Talent, Anju KC the Miss Photogenic, Dipika KC the Miss Best Smile, Sony the Best Figure, and Netra BC was awarded the Miss Discipline titles.

The beauty conte
st was organized in Hotel Siddhartha View by Movie House in association with Generation X. There were eleven participants in the beauty contest.