Bull fight on the street – nobody was invited

Our traffic police are well aware of animal rights and they let animals roam freely on the street. The drivers are fully responsible for the accidents caused by such stray animals.

There is not data on what percent of the road accidents in Nepal are caused by street patrolling animals. But, one can easily guess there should be considerable amount of accidents caused by them.

An example of what can happen in the street is the following photo from Nepalgunj. Pranit Sharma captured a live bullfight in the street beside Laxmi Guest House and Padmaganga Guest House.

It is not known if anybody got hurt due to the great sight on the street. Long live animal rights!

Top 5 tragedy theme bus literature / truck literature seen in Nepali roads

There is a tradition, specially in South Asian countries to write stuffs in vehicles like buses and trucks. In Pakistan and some parts of India, such vehicles are made canvas of artists – with all sorts of artistic creations. In Nepal, we see a lot of witty and short snippets written in some buses and trucks. One of my friends has collected a lot of such photos in his blog http://kguff.com. With his kind permission, I have collected top five tragedy themed bus/truck writings (I am not sure if these are literature).
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Roads that cost Rs. 10 mil a day!

The photo on the right is a new road. You can see the damage and the blockage on the newly constructed road.

It has been about 40 days a road connecting Bhairahawa with Parasi was constructed for Rs. 400 mil. and it has started failing. The 29 km road was constructed under the load of Asian Development Bank (ADB). ADB does its own quality control for which a representative was there. But, the local leaders didn’t show him the damaged part and only showed the good part of the road.

The contractors have passed the road and have received the payme
nt. Now, they are saying it is not their problem.

Well, that was out of Kathmandu. But, there is a road in the heart of Kathmandu that got damaged within a month. And nobody in the authority is concerned.

Kguff.com says that ‘it can only happen in Nepal’. Everybody should be asking:

    • Are the approving officers incompetent ?
    • Do constructors / engineers have ethics in Nepal ?
    • Will the culprit be punished?