Ashishma Nakarmi and artists fly to Europe for charity concert and charity shows of Adhakatti

Actress Ashishma Nakarmi has headed towards Europe for the charity shows of her upcoming movie ‘Adhakatti’. With Ashisma singers Astha Raut and Pramod Kharel are also flying together to Belgium.

Photo 1 – Ashtha Raut with Ashishma Nakarmi at the airport in Doha, on their way to Belgium.

Before going to the international charity shows, one charity show of the movie was held on June 16 in Kumari theater in Kathmandu.

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Dhurmus, Suntali and other Nepali artists cut short their USA visit after earthquake

Because of the devastating earthquake of April 24, the Nepali artists currently in the USA for cultural shows are returning back on May 2. In a video, Sitaram Kattel (Dhurmus ) and Kunjana Ghimire (Suntali) have told that they are saddened by the crisis and they don’t feel like performing in the shows any more.

Video news:

They also announced that they are returning back with other members of the team including singer Pashupati Sharma, Pramod Kharal and Sangita Thapa Magar.

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