Nepali movie – Rampyari

Nepali movie – Rampyari
StarringRekha Thapa, Sabin Shrestha, Avash Adhikari, Asma DC, Nagendra Rijal, Pukar Bhattrai, Nandu Shreebastab, Kiran Thapa etc.
DirectorShabir Shrestha

About ‘Rampyari’

Nepali movie ‘Rampyari’ is a presentation of Rekha Films by Rekha Thapa. The movie features the choreography of Ramji Lamichhane, background score by Dinesh Sunam, action by Roshan Shrestha, editing by Arjun GC, cinematography by Shiva Dhakal, script by Jagadishowr Thapa, Producer of the movie is named Saraswoti Thapa (Rekha’s mother). While the mother is named the producer, Rekha has dedicated the movie to her father, Prem Kumar Thapa.

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Chhabiraj Films registered. Is it the end of Rekha Films?

Rekha Thapa‘s husband Chhabiraj Ojha has recently registered a movie production banner under his own name – Chhabiraj Films. In the past he used to produce movies under Rekha Films banner, named after his wife Rekha Thapa. At the time when rumors on problem in relationship between the couple is in the height, registration of the new name has fueled the speculation.


Chhabiraj is panning to produce a new movie soon under the new bann
er. He has selected director Sabir Shrestha as the director of the movie.  In response to the inquiry about the need of a new company, Chhabiraj told that he wanted to mend relationship with the people who were in odds with the Rekha Films banner. He also told that Rekha will also work under Chhabiraj Films.

In latest media reports, Rekha has bought a house in Jorpati, Kathmandu by spending Rs. 7.5 million. She has also bought an apartment in Jagadamba Apartment in Mitrapark. It is told that Rekha didn’t consult with Chhabi about both purchases.

In a latest report, Rekha Thapa is planning to debut as a director soon.

Chhabi is known to be a successful producer who used to produce movies under Namaste Nepal, registered in partnership with director Naresh Paudel.  When his relationship with Naresh Paudel turned sour, he registered Rekha Films. Under Rekha Films he produced 6 movies.