Is it Gmail's turn to be banned ? – Free calls to the US and Canada

With Google offering free calls to any phone numbers in the US and Canada, Nepal government might block Gmail in Nepal as it "bypasses the local telephone network" to make such free calls.

Nepal Government wanted to start banning websites but it is getting tougher than they previously thought. At first, they wanted to ban sex sites. They even issued directives to ISPs and as far as I know, the directive isn’t being implemented till date.

Then, they handpicked five VoIP websites to block. The very next day of the announcement of the VoIP website block, Google announced it’s Gmail Talk. Google’s service allows anybody from all over the world to call any phone number in the US and Canada for free and for a cheap rates to other countries all around the globe. And, it is not a voice-chat.

Even if the government hadn’t blocked the five VoIP websites earlier, nobody would have visited them for their expensive service.

If you want to make free calls to the US and Canada, visit your Gmail account (register for one if you don’t have at On the left side there is an icon to install a plug-in for your browser. Download and install it and then you can dial the phone number and make free calls to US and Canada.


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  1. Wow! Aren’t people given freedom in that country? I understand if they ban the sex sites but VOIP websites? I think that’s too much.

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