Mr. and Miss. Kathmandu – Expose business exposure

This year’s Mr and Miss Kathmandu is going to be held on August 25, 2010. There are 20 males who will be contesting for the title of Mr. Kathmandu and and 20 females contesting for the title of Miss Kathmandu.

I have questioned numerous times, why are Nepali people organizing beauty contest every now and then? Some even say that, the only thing Nepal is progressing is in ‘manufacturing’ beauties. When I looked at the procedure such contests are held, it looks like the most profitable and risk-free business that can be done in Nepal.

Is that why so many beauty contests are held in Nepal these days?

Let’s analyze

First of all, the organizer of Mr. and Miss. Kathmandu, “Expose Nepal dot com” doesn’t have a site. Then, what does that ‘dot com’ means?

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Will gravity ropeway change the face of rural Nepal?

Gravity rope-way is a simple technology to make big impact in Nepal.

Practical Action are installing such aerial rope-ways in Nepal to enable farmers to transport their good to market effectively. If you were a family living on a mountain in Nepal imagine how this would improve your life.

Stephan Harvey says, “Access is a big theme in Nepal. But for the people of Nepal, it’s access to markets, information, energy and basic services which is the issue, and also the theme for much of our work.”

See the ropeway in action:

And, a report on the rope-way:

If you are interested to know the details on the ropeway, there is a pdf document, Gravity ropeway technical brief in Practical Action website.