Friday Release – Shubha Love and Saili

Two new Nepali movies are released in theatre on March 29, 2019. An astrologer turned actor, Harihar Adhikari is featured in leading role in ‘Shubha Love’. The celebrity astrologer was popular in assisting actors to succeed in the film industry. Harihar’s entry as an actor is being closely watched by the film industry.

Another movie, ‘Saili’ was also highly hyped because of the success of the song by the name. The movie was made as a prequel of the song.
‘Subha Love’ introduces Harihar with actress Christin Poudel. Like his real life, Adhikari is also featured as an astrologer in the movie. The movie presented by Pradeep Uday features Surya Thapa, Saroj Khanal, Rajaram Poudel, Raja Rajendra Pokharel, Rabindra Jha and others. The movie has been highly promoted in various media.
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Rajesh Hamal marriage delayed, again !

Once again, marriage has been delayed. In a latest report, Rajesh told that his marriage is postponed for now. A while ago, Rajesh had told that the marriage will be held in February – March of 2014 (watch the attached video).

Initially, Rajesh had wanted to get married in 2010. Due to various reasons, the marriage had been delayed multiple times. Last year, Rajesh had told that he will not delay more than the winter. But, when his family member couldn’t gather in Kathmandu in the Feb/March schedule, he has to delay the marriage again.

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Photos of Madhu Bhattarai, the girlfriend of Rajesh Hamal

The photo of Nepali superstar ‘s girlfriend, Madhu Bhattarai, has finally been revealed in the media.  After knowing each others for the last 7 years long, one of the most popular actors in the Nepali movie industry had managed to keep her a secret. It has been more than two years since he had publicly admitted about their affair but, nobody had been able to point out who she was until today.

It is a surprising revelation that Madhu wasn’t a ‘at home’ girl and she had also participated in beauty contests. In 2002 Madhu had participated in Megha Model Contest and again in 2004 she participated in Lux Beauty Star contest.

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Rajesh Hamal says he wishes to be the Prime Minister

Famous Nepali actor has disclosed his interest in politics. Hamal told that if he got an opportunity to become the Prime Minister, he will likely to be.

Hamal said, “Though I have passion for Film sector, if I get a chance to do something for the nation being in politics, I will be in it.” According to an online media, filmykhabar, Hamal has also re-confirmed of his upcoming marriage and debut in film direction in the year 2013. But, he is yet to disclose the name of girl whom he is planning to get married to. Asked if it were Madhu Bhattarai or somebody else, he chose not to answer.

Further, the young astrologer Harihar Adhikari, who had suggested to postpone marriage of Rajesh Hamal in 2011, has also said that Hamal will get married within one year.

Rekha Thapa visited an astrologer to discuss marriage and political future

Actress Rekha Thapa has recently visited young astrologer Harihar Adhikari. The astrologer known in the celebrity circle has been suggesting Nepali artists in their personal issues.

After the problem in her married life, Rekha had wanted to enter into politics. She met the prime minister and CPNU Maoist chairman Puspa Kamal Dahal but, her desire to be appointed in the president of Film Development Board wasn’t successful.

In the meeting with Harihar, Rekha had reportedly asked about the reason in
the problem in her relationship with Chhabi Ojha. She also asked if she can marry again. Rekha had also asked about her political future.

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Rajesh Hamal postponed marriage on suggestion of 22-year-old Harihar Adhikari

The fame of Harihar Adhikari, a young astrologer, raised when he rightly predicted the date of the resignation of then Prime Minister, Madhav Kumar Nepal. Adhikari made the prediction on the next day of Nepal’s appointment as the Prime Minster of Nepal. After that, he rightly predicted India to be the winner in the Cricket World Cup winner.

Then came a news about the Maha Nayak Rajesh Hamal postponing his marriage by two years on suggestion of Harihar. Alreay late for marriage, almost 50 year old Hamal had recently announced his intention to get married with his young girlfriend.

Although being young, Harihar is not unknown. He has been running a  Astrology program named ‘Faladesh’ in a local television.

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