Gajalu Premier show held in Shristi Shrestha hometown, London, Anmol KC didn’t attend

The premier show of upcoming movie ‘Gajalu’  was held in London on May 29, 2016. In the event, actress Shristi Shrestha and the producer Rohit Adhikari were present. Actor Anmol KC and the director Hemraj BC were also scheduled to attend the world premier show, but they didn’t. It is surprising why Anmol KC returned back to Nepal a few days before the premier show. The film maker’s don’t have a palatable answer to the reason Anmol returned back to Nepal.

Watch the video report of the event:

The movie, ‘Gajalu’ is scheduled to release on June 10, 2016. The movie directed by Hemraj BC – the director of two of the previous hit movies of Anmol KC – ‘Hostel’ and ‘Jerryy’ a well known director in the Nepali movie industry. In additition to Shristi and Anmol KC other main actors in the movie are Salon Basnet and Gaurav Pahadi.

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Raj Kumar Rai in Chhesko Press Meet, patch up with Archana Paneru ?

The Film Development Board (FDB) chief, Raj Kumar Rai was seen at the press meet of upcoming release ‘Chhesko’. The movie produced last year and ready to release at that time was delayed because of the earthquake of 2015. Before the release next week, the movie producers had added actress Archana Paneru in some scenes. The movie is promoted as if Archana is the lead and most important actress in the movie. The actress who is debuting in the movie had been one of the most controversial actress in the history of Nepali movie industry.

The presence of Raj Kumar Rai in the event was surprising as he was the one who was against Archana Paneru entering the film industry. Because of that, Rai had delayed the approval of ‘Jism’, the Raju Giri movie which was supposed to be the first movie of Archana. Watch a video report:

Raj Kumar Rai had also ordered the arrest of Archana and the entire ‘Jism’ team in Pokhara. They later patched up and the movie was approved. But, by the time the movie was finalized the relationship between Archana Paneru and Raju Giri soured. Now, Archana is planning to lodge a complaint against Raju Giri in the government regulatory body, FDB.

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