Gajalu Premier show held in Shristi Shrestha hometown, London, Anmol KC didn’t attend

The premier show of upcoming movie ‘Gajalu’  was held in London on May 29, 2016. In the event, actress Shristi Shrestha and the producer Rohit Adhikari were present. Actor Anmol KC and the director Hemraj BC were also scheduled to attend the world premier show, but they didn’t. It is surprising why Anmol KC returned back to Nepal a few days before the premier show. The film maker’s don’t have a palatable answer to the reason Anmol returned back to Nepal.

Watch the video report of the event:

The movie, ‘Gajalu’ is scheduled to release on June 10, 2016. The movie directed by Hemraj BC – the director of two of the previous hit movies of Anmol KC – ‘Hostel’ and ‘Jerryy’ a well known director in the Nepali movie industry. In additition to Shristi and Anmol KC other main actors in the movie are Salon Basnet and Gaurav Pahadi.

[Watch ‘Hostel’ and Watch ‘Jerryy’  – Hemraj BC movies featuring Anmol KC in leading roles.]

In the premier show, Shristi told that she was very happy to show the movie to her best friends and family. She told, she had lived half of her life in London. She had left London after winning Miss Nepal 2012 title. She had been busy in modeling, acting in theater and acting in movies.

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