Bhuwan KC talks Sathi Ma Timro

Sathi_ma_timro_bhuwaanThe actor and producer Bhuwan KC is one of the well known personality in Nepali movie industry who doesn’t need an introduction. It was at the end of 2009 Bhuwan KC announced his son to be featured in Sathi Ma Timro. After almost a year, he realized Anmol need to focus more on studies than in acting. By the time Bhuwan was ready to release his movie, he sought suggestions from astrologer who suggested him to add a letter in his Name. That is reason behind Sathi ma Timro being presented by Bhuwann KC not Bhuwan KC.

At the time of release of his latest movie, Raunak has talked with Bhuwan for xNepali on various issues of his new movie:

Q. Tell us something about your upcoming project “Sathi ma Timro”?
Bhuwan – “Sathi ma Timro” is a story about a family in which, a 5 year kid Sirshak Sapkota has an important role. It is purely a family movie with some action, comedy, songs, and emotional scenes to cater the needs of Nepali movie viewers. In total, it is a family entertainment movie.

Q.  In some interviews, you have said that after the release of this movie 60% producers of Nepali movies will leave this field. Does this movie contain the story of our film industry?
Bhuwan – Yes, this movie has a story of our film industry too. It’s a story of a father and son, it’s a story of a family which resemblances to many families of our society.

Q. You son Anmol KC is also featured in the movie. Tell us more about his role in this movie? What about his upcoming projects?
Bhuwan – Yes, Anmol is in a guest appearance in “Sathi ma Timro” and his character is also significant in the movie. He doesn’t have any plans for upcoming movies yet. But, he might be featured in a lead role in one of my next movies.

Q. You are usually confident on the success of your movie in box office. What about Sathi ma Timro?
Bhuwan – I am confident this time too. “Sathi ma Timro” will do well and viewers will like it. I know what our viewers want to watch and Sathi ma Timro has got all of it.

Q.  How can you be so sure about your home production?
Bhuwan – I have been working in Nepali film industry for the last two decades and I know what film making is. I know what kind of movies our viewers like to watch. I don’t make movie just to flirt with actresses or to be featured in newspapers. The fact that I give my heart and my full energy in the production, gives me this confidence. If you work in any field for such a long period, you too will can grow this confidence but, you need to be sincere in your work.

bhuwan_kc_white_shirtQ. Your movies has a history of grossing record amount in box office in the year of it’s release. But this year “Loot” has done an excellent business. Do you think the movie to be a big competitor for Sathi ma Timro?
Bhuwan – In fact, I don’t care about other’s business. It’s good that “Loot” has done well in box office but, I don’t believe in competition with any other movies. My movie will do good business and viewers will like it.

Q. Your last movie “Ma Timi Bina Marihalchu” was released 4 years back. In this long gap, is there anything new that you had tried in your new movie?
Bhuwan – There is nothing new that should be highlighted. But, it is different than my previous movie. It has high standard story and better presentation.

Q.  What do you think of the condition of our film industry, at present?
Bhuwan – It is developing slowly, market is also growing but we still lack hard working people who give full devotion in making good movie. That is why good movies are rare in our industry.

Q. What is your upcoming plan? I have heard that you will also be writing scripts for your upcoming project?
Bhuwan – I haven’t decided yet. After finishing all the work of “Sathi ma Timro”, I will start making plan of next project and will let you know. At present I’m busy with the movie in hand.

Q. Lastly, any message to our readers?
Bhuwan – Starting next week, “Sathi ma Timro” is releasing all over Nepal. The movie features  a story of a family. So, please come with your family and watch it. You will surely like it. Thank you all.


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