Dashain 2016 – Dashain Tika photos (Update with videos)

UPDATE: Dashain has finished today. I collected 100s of photos of celebrities. But, posting them in the page would not be that much interesting to the most of the site visitors. So, I collected the photos of 40+ Nepali actress celebrating Dashain this year and prepared a video (I deleted the video – nobody watched it).

I also prepared a video about the fist Dashain of two Miss Nepal sons. In addition to the sons of Jharana Bajracharya and Malvika Subba, the daughter of actress Richa Ghimire also celebrated her Dashain for the first time in her life.



Original post continues:

Like the previous years, I have collected some photos of well known Nepali celebrities. The photos are shared by the celebrities themselves in various platforms. The celebrities I have collected are related to the Nepali movie industry including the top actress Rekha Thapa and the most busy actress of current time, Priyanka Karki.

At the time of this posting there are 20 photos. This post will be updated as required throughout today and tomorrow. Like Rajesh Hamal, some artists do Dashain Tika in the next five days, so I have to update this post for a few more days (Read Why Rajesh Hamal waits for next day for Dashain Tika?).

pooja Sharma Dashain 2016

Actress Pooja Sharma takes a selfie after Dashain Tika.

benisha hamal Dashain 2016

Benisha Hamal smiles after Dashain Tika.

ashma dc Dashain 2016

Actress Ashma DC takes tika from her parents.

barsha siwakoti Dashain 2016

Barsha Siwakoti poses after Dashain Tika.

Deepak Raj Giri Dashain 2016

Comedy actor Deepak Raj Giri shows Dakshina money after Dashain Tika.

dinesh rawat Dashain 2016

‘Classic’ director Dinesh Raut after Dashain Tika.

haribamsha acharya and mohit Dashain 2016

Hari Bamsha Acharya and his wife Ramila Acharya with Hari Bamsha’s son Mohit Bamsha Acharay.

jiya kc dashain

Actress Jiya KC after after Dashain Tika.

karishma shrestha Dashain 2016

‘Love Sab’ actress Karishma Shrestha after Dashain Tika.

malina joshi Dashain 2016

Miss Nepal 2011, Malina Joshi after Dashain Tika.

nawal nepal Dashain 2016

Director Nawal Nepal with his family after Dashain Tika.

nirma sharma gaida Dashain 2016

Nirmal Sharma (Gaida) after Dashain Tika.

priyanka karki Dashain 2016

Priyanka Karki receives Dashain Tika from her parents.

rajani kc Dashain 2016

‘Paradeshi’ actress Rajani KC.

rekha Thapa Dashain 2016

Rekha Thapa receiving Dashain Tika from her mother.

rista basnet dashain 2016

Rista Basnet takes a selfie after Dashain Tika.

rose rana Dashain 2016

Producer, director and actor Rose Rana after Dashain Tika with his son.  Rose Rana had debuted as a director in Biraj Bhatt‘s comeback movie ‘Jay Parshuram’. He was attacked with a Khukuri a while ago and has recovered recently after treatement.

soni kc and her friend Dashain 2016

Model Soni KC (left) with her friend. Soni was rumored to be having affair with Saugat Malla.

surabina karki Dashain 2016

‘Jhlee’ debut actress Surabina Karki after Dashain Tika.

surakshya pant and her sister Dashain 2016

Actress Surakshya Panta (left) with her sister after Dashain Tika.

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