Rogina- Miss Tamang 2011

18 years old Rogina Ghising Tamang of Kavrepalanchok was announced Miss Tamang 2011 in the program organized in Kathmandu on July 9. The program was organized by Everest Fashion Home and Nepal Tamang Kala Sanskriti Kendra. First runner up went to Kriti Ghising Tamang and second runner up to Sarah Ghising Tamang.

The winner of the Fourth Miss Tamang Beauty Contest, Rogina, received Rs. 25,000 in cash, crown, and various gifts. Rogina, grade 12 student in management, was also awarded the Miss Photogenic title. First runner up, Kriti and second runner up, Sarah, received Rs. 15,000 and Rs. 10,000 in cash respectively along with crown and trophy.

Other title winners are:

Miss Talent –Karisma Tamang,

Miss Personality – Sarah Ghising Tamang,

Miss Best Smile – Kriti Ghising Tamang,

Miss Best Catwalk –Susma Bahu Tamang,

Best Hair – Jyoti Dong Tamang,

Miss Friendship – Geeta Glan Tamang,

Miss Decipline – Sunita Moktan,

Winner from online voting- Saraswoti Lopchan Tamang .

The choreography of the program was done by former Miss Nepal Jenisha Moktan. (Photo credit: Everest Fashion Home)

Beauty Contests in Nepal – Historical profile

This is a comprehensive list of beauty contests in Nepal. We will update the list to make it as detailed as possible after every beauty contests. Some of the details of past events are missing in some cases. The information will be updated as we could gather those information. Your help will be highly appreciated (contact us).

NOTE: This page is incomplete and will be updated when information are available.

Miss Nepal

Organizer: Hidden Treasure Pvt. Ltd.

Start :1994

Event Date Miss Nepal 1st Runner-up 2nd Runner-up
1994 Ruby Rana
1995 Sumi Khadka
1996 Poonam Ghimire
1997 Nilima Gurung Jharana Bajracharya
1998 Niru Shrestha (after Jyoti Pradhan was dethroned)
1999 Shewta Shah
2000 Usha Khadgi
2002 Malvika Subba Nira Gautam
2003 Pretty Sitoula
2004 Payal Shakya Anita Gurung
2005/06 Sugarika KC Shavona Shrestha
2007 Sitashma Chand Bandana Sharma
2008 Canceled
2009 Zenisha Moktan Richa Thapa Magar Kunchhang Moktan
2010  Sadichha Shrestha  Sahana Bajracharya  Sanyukta Timilsina
2011  Malina Joshi  Anupama Aura Gurung  Sarina Maskey
2012  Shristi Shrestha  Nagma Shrestha  Subekshya Khadka

Miss Tamang

Start :2006

Organizer: Nepal Tamang Art & Culture Center

Event Date Miss Tamang 1st Runner-up 2nd Runner-up
2006 Zenisha Moktan
2009 Upali Gyabak
2010 23rd January 2010 (To be held)

Miss Teen Tamang

Start : (Information not available)

Event Date Miss Teen Tamang 1st Runner-up 2nd Runner-up
2009 Tsering Moktan Amrita Moktan Dechhen Chukti Dong

Miss Teen

Start :2004

Event Date Miss Teen 1st Runner-up 2nd Runner-up

Miss Newa

Start :2006

Event Date Miss Newa 1st Runner-up 2nd Runner-up
2005 Sabita Shrestha
2006 Subita Pradhan
2007 Supriya Tuladhar
2008 Akasha Bajracharya
2009 Yogita Maharjan Sabina Dangol Alisha Shrestha

Miss Sherpa

Start :2004

Event Date Miss Sherpa 1st Runner-up 2nd Runner-up

Miss Gurung

Start :2004

Event Date Miss Gurung 1st Runner-up 2nd Runner-up

Mr. and Miss. Kathmandu

Event Date Miss. Mr.
2009 Rajani Maharjan Rabindra Singh

College Ambassador

Event Date Miss. Mr.
2009 Ajita Singh Suraj Giri

Miss Nepal USA

Start :2001 ( and held only once)

Organizeer: The Association of Nepalese in Americas

Event Date Miss Nepal USA 1st Runner-up 2nd Runner-up
2001 Nepolina chhetri Sabina Shrestha Smriti Gurung

Miss Hong Kong Nepal

Start :1998

Event Date Miss HK Nepal 1st Runner-up 2nd Runner-up
1998 Junu Pun
2000 Mamita Gurung Kavita Gurung Saiyan Amatya
2001 Pooja Subba
2005 Purnima Gurung Deepa BK Sunita Thapa
2006 Basanti Pun
2007 Susmita Gurung
2008 Rina Gurung
2009 Anju Ghising Sangita Gurung Manjila Rai


Miss Pearl Hong Kong

Start :NA

Event Date Miss Nepal Australia 1st Runner-up 2nd Runner-up
2009 Deepa Gurung Roji Pun Jyoti Gurung

Miss Nepal Australia

Start :2009

Event Date Miss Nepal Australia 1st Runner-up 2nd Runner-up
2009 Sanam Dangol Karishma Shrestha Prada Pradhan

There are many more contests like

Miss Teen Pokhara

Little Star and Little Champ (two contests)

Sunny Girl Teej Contest

Miss Little Newa Miss Little Idol Miss Angel Miss Ecollege Talent Show

College Ambassador

Republica Miss Teen

Riddhi Siddhi Miss Teen

Miss Mangol

Miss India Worldwide Nepal

Kid Queen

Miss Lumbini

Miss Aryan

Miss Tamang 2010 is Sammi Bhoju

Sammi Bhoju of Kathmandu was crowned Miss Tamang 2010 held on Saturday, July 03, 2010 in Rastriya Nachghar, Kathmandu. There were 30 participants to beat for the crown.

The winner of the third Miss Tamang received Rs. 25,000 in cash, crown, and various gifts. Sammi was also awarded the Best Dressed and Viewer’s Choice awards. The First runner-up of the event was Shanti Waiba of Kabhre who received Rs. 15,000 in cash, crown and trophy. The second runner-up, Manila Pakhrin received Rs. 10,000 in cash, crown, and trophy.

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Beauty Contests – another hat-trick in July with Miss Angel

I wrote about the flood of beauty contests in December when there were 3 beauty contests being held in a week’s time (hat-trick, if you like – Republica Miss Teen, Riddhi Siddhi Miss Teen, and Miss Teen Tamang). After that, we had College Ambassador, Miss Mangol, Miss India Worldwide Nepal, Kid Queen, Miss Lumbini, and announcements of Miss Tamang (canceled) plus combined Miss Tamang and Miss Aryan. That is not all, we have a recent announcement of yet another contest, Miss Angel 2010.

The organizers of Miss Angel believe that the event will be nearly equivalent to Miss Nepal in terms of size! (But, I don’t have any reason to believe it.) The event is going to be held on July 17. They have only a month to prepare for the event and they want it to make a grand event… It however looks better in terms of prizes – Rs. 100,000 for the winner and 50,000 and 30,000 for the first and second runner up is not a bad prize money.

A rough history of beauty contests from November to May (10 contests in 7 months and another hat-trick beauty contest announcement for July)**

  1. Mr and Miss Kathmandu – November, 2009
  2. College Ambassador – December, 2009
  3. Miss Newa – December, 2009
  4. Republica Miss Teen – December, 2009
  5. Miss Teen Tamang – December, 2009
  6. Riddhi Siddhi Miss Teen – January, 2010
  7. Miss Mangol – March, 2010
  8. Miss India Worldwide Nepal – March, 2010
  9. Kid Queen – May, 2010
  10. Miss Lumbini – May, 2010
  11. Miss Tamang – July, 2010 (announced)
  12. Miss Aryan – July, 2010 (announced)
  13. Miss Angel – July, 2010 (announced)

** – This is a rough and unofficial statistics based on our previous reporting. There might have been more contests at that time.

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Miss Tamang 2010 rescheduled for July 1

According to previous announcement, the Miss Tamang 2010 beauty contest was supposed to be held on May 1 by Everest Fashion Home. When Tamang Kala Sanskriti Kendra wanted to do a separate contest, the organizations began to seek a common ground so that confusion is not created by conducting similar contests.

Previous two Miss Tamang contests were organized by Tamang Kala Sanskriti Kendra and it seems logical that they want to continue their program. After a debate of a couple of months finally Tamang Kala Sanskriti Kendra and Everest Fashion Homes have agreed to organize only one Miss Tamang.

As if we don’t have enough Miss Whatever contests … it is funny how they were going organize two Miss Tamang beauty contests one on May 1 by Everest and another on first week of July by Tamang Kendra. Everest home had already selected 17 contestants (in photo above) for the event and they were already given a month-long training. Now, the combined contest will include the 17 contestants plus the contestants selected by Tamang Kendra. The organizers say that there might be about 34 contestants in the contest.

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Miss Tamang 2010 to be held on May 1, 2010

Yet another beauty contest, Miss Tamang 2010 is going to be held on May 1, 2010. This beauty contest is different from the Miss Teen Tamang held in December of 2009. The first Miss Tamang (2006) was Zenisha Moktan, who also won the Miss Nepal title in 2009.

The organizers have selected 15 contestants to compete for the title. In the following photo features Miss Tamang 2010 contestants.

The winner of Miss Tamang title will be awarded with Rs. 25,000 in cash, and the first and second runners-up will be receiving Rs. 15,000 and 7,000 respectively, in addition to other gift hampers.

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Tsering Moktan became Miss Teen Tamang 2009

The first of the three beauty contests was organized at the Rastriya Nachghar, Jamal, Kathmandu on Friday, Dec. 24, 2009. The event was organized by by the Everest Fashion Home.

In the event, Tsering Moktan was awarded Miss Teen Tamang 2009 title. Amrita Moktan won the first runner-up title and Dechhen Chukti Dong won the second runner-up title.

The Miss Tourism 2007 and second runner-up of Miss Nepal 2009, Kunchan Moktan handed the Miss Tamang crown to Tsering. With the crown, Tsering was also awarded with Rs. 15,000 cash and Miss Personality award. The first and second runner-ups were also awarded with a cash of Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 5,000 respectively.

Other award winners are:

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Flood of Beauty Contests (Update)

There was the time when the government didn’t allow Miss Nepal to be held and this is the time when at least three beauty contests are being held in a week.

Tamang beauty contest, Miss Teen Tamang 2009, is being held on December 25 (Poush 10). As I wrote previously, Newari beauty contest, Miss Newa 2009, is being held on December 30 (Poush 14). And, Republica Miss Teen, supposed to be held on December 21 has moved to December 31 (Poush 16) due to the Maoist’s nationwide general strike for three days starting Dec 20.

Is that all? Or, did I miss some more beauty contests? 

If the trend continues, someday we might be proud to be called – ‘Nepal, the land of beauties’.

Republica Miss Teen 2009 Participants


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