Miss Nepal Makeup Kanda – Zenisha Moktan suggests: learn, learn, learn

The Miss Nepal of a decade ago, Zenisha Moktan has talked about the Miss Nepal Make Up Kanda that happened during the audition of Miss Nepal 2019. The kanda has created a debate on what should be done and what shouldn’t be done in terms of beauty contests. It is a check and balance that such pageants need so they can be held accountable. It might sound harsh to the organizers and participants, but these aspects can’t be kept in the closet forever.

That is the reason, I am giving focus on this issue and sharing the views of past winners and of those who have louder voices (like the one of Samraddhi Rai).

Here is Zenisha’s full statement, addressing the Miss Nepal 2019 contestant Ashmita Maharjan, the one who was supposedly ‘bullied’ by Rachana Gurung Sharma:

Dear Girl in the Audition Tape,
Welcome to the parallel Universe where u get outpouring support and appreciation for being you, for being “real”! You have now started your journey to venture into OUR universe and I wish you all the best, go fight for that crown, fight hard! and I hope you bring all these self righteous advocates of inner beauty along with you.. cuz we really need them!
Since we are talking now, Let me tell you this! If you ever get the opportunity to wear that coveted crown, you will be bullied and shamed for the very reason u have garnered support today! You will be picked on every choice you make and god forbid they are “real”! You might then understand the double standards we deal with! You might then understand the hypocrisy we are surrounded with!

One might argue what happened to you at the auditions wasnt fair but you were selected Top 25 so you know it was! What won’t be fair is tomorrow when the most deserving candidate wins, this elite bandwagon won’t be jumping with support rather scrutinizing flaws and how to pull her down in this 21st-support-women-century!

To the 25th Batch of Miss Nepal 2019,
Take this opportunity to learn, learn about yourself and about the world around you, learn to accept yourself but to improve and grow, learn to be your best version and to leave no stone unturned, learn to deal with crap but don’t take any of it, learn that not everything that looks great does good to you and not everthying that seems harsh is bad for you! I hope to see you on the other side of the journey.. stronger, smarter and more beautiful.

Lots of Love,
Girl who sat on that seat 10 years ago

Zenisha had been vocal about the truth of the beauty contest. For example, when Asmi Shrestha was crowned the Miss Nepal 2016, Zenisha also wrote an open letter to the winners of the contest, Asmi Shrestha, Roshani Khatri and Barsha Lekhi. One another contestant, Sirjana Regmi, was considered a deserving candidate by many. When the Miss Talent of the contest didn’t win any major titles and was placed fourth, there was a big commotion. Zenisha had responded to that incident too:

Dear Asmee, Roshani and Barsha,
Welcome to a world where you will be loved, admired and respected but you will also be judged, criticised, not given credit for your hardwork or talent, hear “world peace” and “society” jokes, looked at as just another “beauty queen”, get asked unnecessary GK questions every now and then and be expected to give a stupid answer! Yes.. that world where you will achieve and learn and grow and it’ll look so easy! Just remember.. behind every mean comment are people who wished they were you, after all those jokes are smiles you will spread, within all the criticisms are learnings that will enrich you! And apart from all the glam-sham.. you will have an experience of a lifetime! Stand tall (literally!) walk confidently (you’ve learnt from the best!) and keep moving forward cuz you have a crown YOU deserve!
Dear Srijana,
You were brilliant.. this wasnt meant to be but greater things in life are ahead… do not let the negativity get to you… you will shine!
Dear mean faces behind computer screens,
I wish you all the strength to do better in life and love to bless your hearts!
Dear Team MN2016,
Congratulations on yet another grand show! The judges were ummm.. a slight glitch but hey.. bade bade shows mein chote chote baatein hotey rehtey hai (for lack of a better dialogue 😂)
Yours Truly,
Just another “beauty queen”!!

Miss Nepal 2016 result

Make-up Kanda 2019

The choreographer – Rachana Gurung Sharma

Zenisha philosophy to learn is the best take from her statement:

  • learn about yourself and about the world around you
  • learn to accept yourself but to improve and grow
  • learn to be your best version of you and to leave no stone unturned
  • learn to deal with crap but don’t take any of it
  • learn that not everything that looks great does good to you and not everthying that seems harsh is bad for you

If you ask me, I have realized that the tough lessons are the best lessons. .. Please comment.

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