Sanchita Luitel regained weight again, Radha shooting photos

Actress Sanchita Luitel is romancing with actor Jiwan Luitel in upcoming movie ‘Radha’. The movie directed by Yogesh Ghimire is the first movie of the two well known actors of the Nepali movie industry.

Sanchita had worked with the director Yogesh Ghimire in two of her movies – ‘Samjhana’ and ‘Sapoot’. The shooting of the movie is going on since Baisakh 24 in the Eastern parts of Nepal. The movie is scheduled to be shot in Jhapa and Darjeeling area.

Read the biography of Sanchita Luitel and the list of her movies in xnepali.

One of the most beautiful and successful actress of her time, Sanchita Luitel left the film industry at the peak of her popularity to marry actor Nikhil Upreti. Both Nikhil and Sanchita were absent from the film industry for half-a-decade before making comeback. Sanchita gave birth to two children and had gained a lot of weight. She lost most of the extra weight before she did a stage dance in Malaysia and was featured in a music video. She was also featured in ‘Nai Nabhannu La 3’. Although she told about more offers to do movies she wasn’t seen in any more movies.

There was a report of Sanchita being featured in ‘Champion’ but, later other actors were taken in the movie. She was featured as a bride in a movie titled ‘Khatarnak’.  (Photo credit – Binod Pokharel)

Movies of the director Yogesh Ghimire

Nepali Movie – Radha (Jiwan Luitel, Sanchita Luitel)
Nepali Movie – Kanchi Nani (Only description )
Nepali Movie – Bhool Bhulaiyaa
Nepali Movie – Sapoot
Nepali Movie – Na Birse Timilai Na Paye Timilai

A video interview of Sanchita Luitel:

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