Sushri, Adhakatti, Thamel Dot Com, Paradeshi releasing on Fulpati

This week, four new movies are releasing on October 19, 2015 – on Tuesday instead of the usual Friday releases. That is because of the biggest festival in Nepal, Dashain. To benefit from the holiday season, these four movies are targeting the people who are free from work and studies. Although the film producers association had tried to stop the unconventional release on Tuesday, its effort wasn’t successful.

dashain release sushri thamel pardeshi adhakatti


The movie by director Shivam Adhikari, ‘Sushree’ introduces model Ashika Tamang as an actress. Ashika is also the producer of the movie. With Ashika, the movie features Aryan Sigdel and Surabina Karki in leading roles. It has been a while since Aryan Sigdel’s movie has been released in theater. The movie is made on comedy theme.

The shooting and post-production of  ‘Sushri’ was done in 2015, shooting starting in March this year.


The movie directed by journalist Subrat Acharya is also being released after a number of delays. The movie featuring Ashishma Nakarmi, Wilson Bikram Rai, Gaurav Pahadi, Pradeep Bastola and others. Actress Namrata Shrestha is also featured in a guest role and has danced in a song titled ‘Hey Namrata …’. The movie is produced by Pradeep K Uday.


The movie directed by Narayan Rayamajhi, ‘Paradeshi’ features Prashant Tamang with Rajani KC in leading role. The movie is produced by Rajesh Banshal. The music of the movie was released in August.

A 1998 release movie by the same name ‘Pardeshi’ featured Rajesh Hamal and Bipana Thapa in leading role. The movie is available to watch in xnepali – Watch ‘Pardeshi’ here (old one).

Thamel Dot Com

The movie by Gopi Krishna Movies, ‘Thamel Dot Com’ features Anup Bikram Shahi and Nitu Pokharel in leading role.

The shooting of ‘Thamel Dot Com’ started in March this year, a few days after the announcement ceremony.

All four movies are considered the movie with potential. The film makers have also high hopes from their movies.

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