Nepali movies named after weapons – Trishul, Khukuri to Hasiya (Video)

I have prepared an experimental video abut a discussion in Twitter about Nepali movies. This is the first in the series – a very dull and completely uninteresting topic. Although, the topic wasn’t interesting at all, the response among Twitter friends was very good. So, I prepared a 3 minutes long video about the discussion.

Watch the video first:

The discussion topic was:

That translates into, “The movies named after weapons – Hasiya, Khukuri, Khurpa, Haityar … What are the other such movies?”
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Prakash Sayami, comeback in movie direction after a decade

After 11 years of absence from the Nepali movie industry, director Prakash Sayami is planning to make a comeback with a new movie ‘Dastoor’. ‘Hatiyar’ was the last movie Sayami had directed a decade ago.


The movie is going to be produced by actor Simant Udash and his brother Bhim Udash. The movie is going to be made on the story of sports persons.

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