Nepali movies named after weapons – Trishul, Khukuri to Hasiya (Video)

I have prepared an experimental video abut a discussion in Twitter about Nepali movies. This is the first in the series – a very dull and completely uninteresting topic. Although, the topic wasn’t interesting at all, the response among Twitter friends was very good. So, I prepared a 3 minutes long video about the discussion.

Watch the video first:

The discussion topic was:

That translates into, “The movies named after weapons – Hasiya, Khukuri, Khurpa, Haityar … What are the other such movies?”

Apart from ‘Hatiyar’, all other movies are available to watch here in xnepali. One friend called ‘Chhesko’ (a stick or twig) a weapon. The superflop film made news because of the controversial personality – Archana Paneru.

There was a little discussion about the movie ‘Hatiyar’ and it’s director. The movie also marks the entry of actress Jharana Bajracharya in the Nepali movie industry. It seems, ‘Hatiyar’ is the last movie of its director Prakash Sayami (so far). I hope to see the movie available online soon.

Chhesko discussion:

Are there more Nepali movies named after weapons? Can we call fire or a rock a weapon – like ‘Aago’, ‘Aago 2’, ‘Chattan’ etc. (Yes, these movies are also available to watch here.)

I think, this discussion shouldn’t end here. If people like the video concept, I will certainly come up with more videos and most probably a new regular section, something like ‘Twitter Tuesday’ or ‘Twitter Thursday’.

I would be grateful if somebody could suggest the topics of discussion for future. I hope the future topics aren’t as boring as this one. ;)


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