Prunima Cinema Hall, Pokhara closes down

One more movie theater, Purnima Cinema Hall has closed down in Pokhara. The theater was closed when the volume of viewers reduced by a large number. The theater used to feature Nepali movies and was run by producer and distributor Hari Baral.

purnima film hall pokhara

Hari Baral expects to start the theater after a couple of months. Established in 2037 BS, the movie theater is one of the main film hall in the city. In the past three other theaters had closed down.

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Jholey VS Samrat on February 21, is Biraj Bhatt craze still there in Nepali viewers?

Nepali movie ‘Jholey’ was said to be the single release on February 21 but, in the last moment a Biraj Bhatt movie ‘Samrat’ is going to compete with the dark comedy movie. The news of the release ‘Samrat’ was confirmed on Tuesday.

‘Samrat’ is an action movie made in Bhojpuri and is also released in Nepali. With Biraj, the movie features Bhojpuri actress Ruby Singh. The movie is being distributed by Sunil Manandhar. The movie made under the banner of Shreeram Balaji Films is presented by Suraj Khadka. Being busy in Bhojpuri movies, Biraj has stopped doing any new Nepali movies. The success or failure of this movie will determine if Biraj is still popular among Nepali audience.

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Censor Board couldn’t decide on Bhimdutta

The Censor Board has decided to do a detailed review of the movie before letting it screen in theater. The Board chief Umakant Parajuli has told that the involvement of the Army and Indian government in the killing of Bhimdutta has to be researched and verified before the movies is allowed to release.

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