The President distributed National Film Awards (winners list)

The National Film Award was held at the President’s residence, Shital Niwas. In the ceremony various awards were handed over to the movies released in the last four years.

national film award 2014  (7)

After receiving the award of Best Actress for her role in ‘Masan’ Neeta Dhungana said, "National Award is not about nominations , popularity , lead role , or something its totally about the work that an artist does whether the artist has done side role or main role , 5 scenes or 50 scenes."


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Binita Baral and Dhurmus appointed goodwill ambassadors

Comedy actor Sitaram Kattel, Dhurmus and actress Binita Baral (the Chapali Girl after her debut movie ‘Chapali Height‘) have been appointed the goodwill ambassador by Nepal Agriculture Journalists Academy (JONAA). The actor and actress have taken agriculture as their profession in the recent days.

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Nepali Movie – Unko Samjhanama

Nepali film – Unko Samjhanama
Cast : Shree Krishna Shrestha, Sanchita Luitel, Biraj Bhatt, Deepak Tripathi, Gopal Bhutani etc.
Direction– Chiranjivi Kharel

‘Unko Samjhanama’ is a presentation of Khemraj Sapkota for Jayanti films production. The movie features superstars Biraj Bhatt and Shree Krishna. Shree Krishna is getting married to his girlfriend Sweta Khadka later this month.

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Nir Shah, health update

The condition of Nir Shah hasn’t improved in more than a day of admitted in Gangalal Heart Hospital, Bansbari. According to sources, Shah was initially placed in a ventilator in CCU. The ventilator was later replaced by an oxygen mask. The attempt to remove oxygen mask however wasn’t successful and he is in critical condition. Yesterday, we reported it was a minor attack but later, it was known that that wasn’t the case.

File Photo – Nir Shah, Chhinalata Puraskar

According to the doctors attending Shah, they are waiting the situation to improve on its own and  have let Shah remain unconscious. If it doesn’t improve in three days, further treatment will be conducted. Senior heart specialist Arun Maskey is helping the treatment of Shah.

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