Red Carpet premier of Zhigrana held in Kumari

A red carpet primer of the movie to release on Friday, ‘Zhigrana’ was held in Kumari theater on March 5. Journalists, film artists and businessmen were present in the premier show.

jhigragana premier show

Suspense thriller ‘Zhigrana’ is the debut movie of the director Pasang Lama. The censor board has awarded an ‘A’ certificate, suitable for adults over 16 years of age. The film makers had expressed their dissatisfaction on the Board’s decision by releasing the scene removed by the Board in YouTube.

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Sushri to feature Aryan Sigdel and Ashika Tamang in leading roles

A comedy drama titled ‘Sushri’ was announced in a program held on March 4. The movie written and directed by Shivam Adhikari will feature Asika Tamang and Aryan Sigdel in leading roles.

The shooting of ‘Sushri’ is scheduled to start on this Friday, on March 6. The movie is felame oriented and is being produced by Atmaram Thapa. The music is composed by Basanta Sapkota and cinematographer is Rameshowr Karki. The movie is a presentation fo Ashika Films.

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Holi 2015, Photos of Nepali Film artists

We have collected some of the photos of Nepali film artists celebrating the Falgu Purnima (Holi) on March 5, 2015. The festival of color involves the use of different color powders, water and fun.

A video report is not available now, but here are photos of the celebration:

Holi celebration actually started a day earlier in the Filmy Holi program organized by Gopi Krishna Movies when they announced a new movie ‘Thamel dot com’. The celebration today is more colorful and fun-filled. Enjoy the photos of actors and actresses enjoying the festival of color.

Keki Adhikari, Priyanka Karki and Rekha Thapa (L to R) pose after applying the colors on each others.

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Gopi Krishna announced

A new movie titled ‘’ has been announced by Gopi Krishna movies. After the completion of the shooting of its movie ‘Homework’, the film maker company has announced the second of its 7-movies plan for the year. Earlier, Karishma Manandhar‘s film ‘Falgu’ was planned to be produced jointly with Gopi Krishna. Karishma later decided to go solo in the production of the movie, causing Gopi Krishna to announce the new movie (Falgu news in

A family drama film ‘’ was inaugurated by the Information Minister Minendra Rijal. The movie being directed by Rajkumar Sharma features a story in the streets of Thamel, Kathmandu. The shooting of the film is scheduled to start on Chaitra 5. In the program, first shot was taken on Pramod Agrahari and Nitu Pokharel. The full details of the cast and crew is yet to be made public.

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