Will the movie theaters open this Friday?

It has almost been a month of the devastating Nepal Earthquake and the film theaters are yet to open for business. Although the theater owners had announced the resumption of business on the second week of earthquake, the government found them risky to re-open before comprehensive structural evaluation of the structures.

cleared for business film hall in kathmandu

The second big after shock on May 12 caused further damages to the structures and killed some people. The theaters couldn’t open on that week. Now, there is still uncertainty of the safety the theaters as some theaters. The government hasn’t been able to identify the risky and safe theaters so far. According to the spokesperson of Film Development Board (FDB), the government authority will require some more days to publish the full list of damaged theaters.

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Temporary residences named after movies

The temporary residences constructed by the help of Nepali film artists at Rampur Danda of Kabhrepalanchowk are handed over to the locals. The earthquake had destroyed about 40 houses in the area. On May 20 a group of Nepali film artists handed over the houses, named after popular Nepali movies, to the owners.

artists temporary residence earthquake (10)

The team led by Suresh Darpan Pokharel in association of actress Keki Adhikari had constructed all 40 temporary residences in the last four days. The volunteer artists include Benisha Hamal, Surekshya Pant, Melina Manandhar, Barsha Siwakoti, Nandita KC, Dilip Rayamajhi, Jiwan Luitel, Anmol KC, Yashraj, Swotantra Pratap Shah and musician Basanta Sapkota had supported by volunteering and providing the financial resources to help in the construction of the buildings.

All the 40 houses are named after Nepali films including the first Nepali movie ‘Aama’ (watch ‘Aama’ here) to the relatively new movie ‘Sano Sansar’ (watch ‘Sano Sansar’ here). The naming of the house didn’t have any relationship to the producers of the movies.

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