Muslim Pooja Lama – ‘show it all’ to ‘hide it all’

It was a very surprising twist in the controversial character in Nepali entertainment industry, Pooja Lama. She has changed her religion from Buddhist to Muslim and renamed herself Amna Faruki.

Pooja told that she has found some good things in Muslim religion, so she has decided to be a Muslim for the rest of her life.

A versatile personality, Pooja Lama, started her career as a model, formed a band and released music albums, and acted in movies. She has equally been in lime lights because of her controversial actions. Some of which are:

  • Marriage at 18 years with Biraj Lepchan and divorce within a year (She has a son out of the marriage).
  • An affair with a Newar guy while she was in Belgium. The guy’s family stopped him to go back to Belgium when he came back to Kathmandu.
  • Affair with Dinesh DC and what happened afterwards
  • Release of a scandal video with DJ Shishir
  • Marriage soon after the release of the scandal video
  • Pooja told she will participate in Indian Idol – which she didn’t
  • After problems in relationship with DJ Shishir she went to Doha some six months back
  • She returned back recelntly as Amna Faruki, a Muslim lady in burka.

Pooja told that she liked Muslim religion as it was ‘strict’. She quit alcohol and smoking after changing the religion. She has also stopped taking other drugs these days. Pooja wears Muslim dress that hides her hair and sings in a restaurant in Thamel in the same.

Pooja never mentioned her previous marriage and told that she will marry a Muslim if she ever does. Pooja told that after being a Muslim she can’t have relationship without marrying. Does that mean, she has to get married soon?

In a modeling contest held in 1999, Pooja was awarded ‘Best Model’. Pooja started her film career with Narayan Puri’s ‘Papi’. She also did films like ‘Chakrabyuha’ and ‘Salam’ but none were as successful as her first movie.

39 thoughts on “Muslim Pooja Lama – ‘show it all’ to ‘hide it all’

  1. Good…u accept the way of dont look behind…what u did…just do tauba…for your earlier life…and go ahead

      • Dear Pooja,
        The one who commented above cannot ever feel the peace,comfort,relaxation how you are feeling right now from your new beginning.Their ears and eyes are meant to be closed from such blessings movements by the the Almighty itself.The darkness of their heart cannot be rectified.It has even said in Quran also about such species.

        Allah loves the people who has a good heart to believe and follow the truth.And he shows them in their heart the best and right path towards the success.
        You are some one like that and the almighty showed you the truth and as a result it had changed your entire life. What is controlling your life is the truth what you have realized.

        May Allah bless you.
        Assalamu alikkum.

  2. Islam changes people to the best 100%. Islam is a complete way of life that aims at preserving human life, society as a whole and humans in general. This is why Muslims are not permitted to drink alcohol, do drugs, smoke, gamble or take interest from banks. All those have destructive effects on humans.

    I am so happy for the sister that she decided to make a change and so Allah (sw) guided her.

    • Do you think youryourself a Muslim ? Using that kind of cheap language??? Mustafa nazir Ahmad? Shame on you! !! hope your own proffesion is not that

    • Dafuq, you show ignorance when you say these words without any proof. Show me from the Quran or the Hadith where it says anything about stoning anyone. I dare you. Go ahead, make my day.

      Stop reading news papers written by people who hate Islam and believing what they say.

      May Allah (sw) guide the entire humanity to the beautiful religion of Islam. Ameen.

  3. puja lamalae ma pati ati manparuchhu tar uhale aaja dharam feranuveykoma tiyo uhako niji mamla ho eyasma ksaile hast chhep garna paudaina kinaki manisko bachan paune uswatantar mathi ksaiko adhikar mathi hastchhep garchha vane tiyo manab adhikar mathiko ulaghan hune chha vanne male lachha hal u.a.e phon 971559896153

  4. @suhana…in islam we hv to ryt path for the sake of GOD..nt to show neone whthr its famly,relatvs,relgs ppl or ne one in the world…nd muslims trust those who accpt islam..coz we can hide n save ourslvs by telling lies to ppl or to d whole nt frm Allah,HE is d creator nd He is watchn ech nd evyone…if she is doin wrong thn Allah swt wl gv her being a muslim we r supposed to gv her respct..wdout suspectn as it is allowd to us..untill we ll see from eyes or wl blv two muslm trustworthy men who must hv hd seen frn thr eyes..p

  5. Dear Jasim,
    respect to all religion. all are good but here we are talking about POOJA LAMA. she is a lier but acts sweet. go to nepal and check. she still drinks, still has the men all over her. this was all to get back in fame. she just used ISLAM and now is abusing it. which is bad. she will never be able to get to love islam coz she is a cheap female. she is a disgrace to islam.

    • Suhana,I know you very well! U were drinking Dat day not me! U r a cheap person yourself who is cheater! don’t try to show finger on me ! If your one finger indicating to me then rest of them are indicating to yourself always remember that! I didn’t want to reveal your stuff in front of the world being a Muslim,hope you knew that! But u left me no choice!I feel Sorry for u sister!

    • Dear Suhana,

      If you are respected female you never use these words, mind your business and let others do theirs too.

  6. reply 2 motiyata.
    dear friend motiyata…
    If she s an airport n want muslim aeroplanes, ther s no need 2 convert to islam.
    Is ther any airport available only 4 a relegion’s aeroplanes.
    Before abuse Islam Pls try 2 understand islam. Any body cannot b a muslim if he/she has sex with others not other than their pair.
    Thank u

  7. pooja gi ko niji bichar ke rahe6 vaneko …HUIYAA lai teti bujna sakina jasto 6…kina ki timi haru vaneko nepalko gahana ho…ACT…SINGER…ke ko lagi…?yo vanda aggadi timro sart haru news marfat out vayeko pni ho…DJ sanga VIJE ko romance…X vidio….hoina ta timi haru ko barema vane ko niji bichar ho keya tar kalkar vaneko …..BUZZZ keya milena …payeaina vne NEPAL sang MAAAAG…..keya….tar aaja teo voli yo …sida nepali ko maaj ma AM tada FAALERA aukeya.aaja timi kalo gumto uddera ke nasti mileo vanata…matra….nari ko jindagi nepali samajma ma timile karkalako pani jasto banaayo keya…teo hoina samaj ma ramro su bato liyera sichya deu keaya……drink n druk timro niji bichar ho….

    • Subhan alha amna faruki aap bahut acha kam kiye hai musalman banke aap humse sampark kar hum rahate hai jaha musalman haz aur umra karte hai oha madina me saudia arab me insha alha aapko alha sahi salamt rakhe mera bhi ghar hai nepal me rahutahat jila se hu ye hamara mobaile no 00966582166483 saudia contect

  8. pooja become a international airport where all types of aircraft can landing now we learnt that muslim men landed on this airport she got good taste of landing muslim plane so she readily become muslim thats the fact story

    • Motiyata .. on the day of judgment, you will be asked about those words that you made up to slander a person who wants to fix her life. Fear God and speak good or be silent.

      • I’m not trying to defend myself here nor trying to clarify my character, because I don’t have to do that I know myself ! My” lord ” Allah ” the almighty knows everything ,I fear” Allah “only .whoever talking nonsense, don’t u ppl have other stuff to do in your lives ??? I’m done with my previous life ! Don’t u get ppl get it! !! Better look for yourself and your family n stop blaming others when you don’t know them personally! !! Pathetic! !!

    • Motiyata! U r right! Yes!have a private airport with a private the most expensive plane where no outsiders are allowed on my own plane,they are only allowed to see! By the way, Which airport u have huhh? ??

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