Only three people on each category nominated for a new award – OFA

In the crowd of film awards, a new film award is going to be held soon – "Online Filmykhabar Award (OFA) 2070". It seems, they want to differentiate themselves from other film awards – so they have only nominated 3 people per award. It is a general practice to nominate five nominee.

In addition to the awards given for the nominated artists, three more awards including Jury Award, Popular Exhibitor Award and Life Time Achievement Award will also be awarded in the award ceremony. The orgnizers have announced that the Life Time Achievement Award  will be presented to Madan Krishna Shrestha and Hari Bansha Acharya.

The nominees for Popular Film award are:

  • Saayad 
  • Rhythm 
  • Malati ko Bhatti

The nominees for the award Popular Director

Popular Actor

Popular Actress

Popular Script Writer

  • Bikash Acharya
  • Suraj Subba ‘Nalbo’
  • Pradeep Bhardwaj

Most Popular Music Director

  • Suresh Adhikari
  • Basanta Sapkota
  • Arjun Pokharel

Popular Cinematographer

  • Sanjay Lama
  • Purushottam Pradhan
  • Shiva Ram Shrestha

Popular Editor

  • Bipin Malla
  • Surendra Paudel
  • Lokesh Bajracharya

Popular Fight Director

  • Yogendra Shrestha
  • Roshan Shrestha
  • Himal K.C.

Popular Choreographer

Popular Debutant Director

  • Prabin Syangbo
  • Prachanda Man Shrestha
  • Subarna Thapa

Popular Debutant Actor

Popular Debutant Actress

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