Wives of Top 10 Nepali actors (and more)

If common saying is to be believed, wives are the other half of a person. We know the actors very much, but it seems, we don’t care much of the other half of the celebrities. Recently, I prepared a video about the wives of the top 10 actors in the Nepali movie industry. While preparing the list, I felt like adding the names of some additional actors at the end after talking about the top 10.

Now, I feel like finding out all the wives of all the actors of the Nepali movie industry. Before I start listing the wives of the actors, you can watch the details about the top 10 actors in the following video. In addition to the wives I have also mentioned about the number of their children.

Before diving into the full list, let me list the top 5 actors in the list and the reason why they were listed in the top position:

More actors, mentioned in the video:

More actors, not mentioned in the video:

  • Hari Bamsha Acharya – First wife was Meera Acharya (two sons), married Ramila Pathak after Meera’s death.
  • Madan Krishna Shrestha – Yesodha (one son and one daughter)
  • Krishna Malla had married four time. His previous wives were Sikha Malla and two other unknown wives. Second marriage was inter-caste marriage to a Bramin woman. He has a son and a daughter from the second marriage. The third wife, Sikha Malla, was also an actress. Krishna Malla and Sikha married after falling in love while doing radio plays. Fourth wife is Sharmila Malla (one son).
  • Dhiren Shakya – (wife name not known – two daughters) Read - Dhiren Shakya Biography
  • Arjun Jung Shahi – wife is Durga Shahi
  • Shree Krishna Shrestha – wife Sweta Khadka (Shree Krishna died a month after the marriage)

wives of 10 Nepali actors

Correction – Krishna Malla had married 4 times (not 3 times as mentioned earlier).

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