NEFTA Award – Aryan Sigdel and Richa Sharma awarded best actors, Kathmandu declared the best movie

In the film award ceremony held in Malaysia, actor Aryan Sigdel won the best actor award from the movie ‘Mero Love Story’. In actress category, the best actress award was awarded to Richa Sharma from the same movie. The best movie award and the best director award was awarded to ‘Kathmandu’ and it’s director Aakash Adhikari respectively.

nefta film award dance

Actor Nir Shah was honored by ‘Abhinaya Shiromani’ award in the event.

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Sanchita Luitel and Priyanka Karki to dance in a cultural program in Malaysia

While other artists are participating in NEFTA Film Awards in Malaysia, actors including Jiwan Luitel, Jogindar Sharma, actress Priyanka Karki, Sanchita Luitel and singers Sugam Pokharel and Muna Thapa Magar are conducting a cultural program in a separate event. The Ncell sponsored event is organized to promote the Ncell SIM being offered to Nepali living in the country.

This is probably the first time actress Sanchita Luitel has participated after she gave birth to a son and a daughter. Sanchita has gained a lot of weight after childbirth and is working hard to slim down.

priyanka Karki and sanchita luitel

Photo credit – Priyanka Karki

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Artists arrive in Malaysia to participate in NEFTA Film Award

Nepali film related personalities have arrived to participate in one of the biggest Nepali film event in it’s 50-years-old history. The artists participating in the event are near 100 in number including most of the well known actors and technicians. NEFTA film award is going to be held on January 31, 2014.

Karishma benisha rajesh payal, jharana , suman gaire

Photo credit – Karishma Manandhar

The participants of NEFTA film award have already reached Malaysia. Some of the well known actors in the ceremony include Karishma Manandhar, Jharana Thapa, Namrata Shreshta, Saujanya Subba, Neeta Dhungana, Benisha Hamal, Richa Sharma, Harshika Shrestha, Pooja Sharma, Aryan Sigdel, Saugat Malla, Samyam Puri, Gajit Bista, Sraj Garach, Nir Shah, Ujjwal Ghimire, Dinesh DC, Aakash Adhikari, Suraj Subba, Suresh Adhikari, Rajesh Payal Rai, Nischal Basnet, Sudarsan Thapa, Dinesh Raut, and Gobind Rai. Similarly actors , Keki Adhikari, Sunil Thapa, Niruta Singh and others had also arrived in Malaysia.

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Rekha Thapa didn’t go to Malaysia, again – due to the failure of Best Actress award bargaining

It seems, actress Rekha Thapa has promised not to go to Malaysia again. It has been the second time Rekha has refused to go there on the last minute. Last year, Rekha had agreed to participate in Remix Dhamaka 5 and canceled her trip on the last minute. This time, she did the same by refusing to go to the NEFTA film award to be held there.

 rekha thapa and nefta

According to the sources close to Rekha, she had refused to go when the organizers weren’t willing to award her the Best Actress award. Rekha was trying to convince the organizers that she was the best actress in the film industry, until the last minute.

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The script of ‘Kalo Pothi’ awarded Rs. 5.5 million cash prize

The director of ‘Basulli’, the movie chosen to be featured in Venice Film Festival, Min Bahadur Bham is awarded a cash prize equivalent to Rs. 55 lakh after wining an script competition. He has won the Swiss government (SDC) script competition of value $60,000. The prize amount is the production fund awarded to Min Bahadur to produce the movie.

min bahadur bham

The story and the script of the movie titled ‘Kalo Pothi’ is written by the director Min Bahadur himself. The movie is going to be made on the geography and life style of Karnali area. The artists of the film are yet to be finalized.

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Nandita KC to be featured in Baabari

Actress Nandita KC is confirmed to be featured in the leading role of director Suman Ghimire’s move ‘Baabari’. The movie being presented by Smarika Film is produced by Sita Simkhada. Bhaskar Baniya is going to be featured opposite to Nandita KC in the movie.

babari movie poster

‘Baabari’ features the script and dialogue of Sushil Pokharel. The lyrics of the movie are written by Madan Ghimrie and Sita Simkhada and the music is composed by Bikash Chaudahari and Arjun Pokharel. The movie going to floor on Falgun 25 is made on love story with a different twist.

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Ashisma Nakarmi to be featured in Adhakatti

Actress Ashisma Nakarmi has been signed up to be featured in a dance number in ‘Adhakatti’. The movie directed by journalist Subrat Acharya featurs the story of Subash Dhakal and scritp of Bijaya Adhikari. The cinematograpehr of the movie is Madan Kashyap (Ghimire).

ashishma nakarki - traiditional

‘Adhakatti’ features Wilson Bikram Rai, Gaurav Pahadi, Rista Basnet, Pradeep Bastola in main roles. Actress Namrata Shrestha will also be featured in guest role .The shooting of the movie is expected to start on the first week of Falgun.

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Chhabi doesn’t have faith in women, won’t marry again

One of the top producers of Nepali film industry, Chhabi Raj Ojha has announced that he won’t marry again. The 48-years-old businessman was responding to the rumor of his proposal to the actress of his upcoming movie, ‘Lazza’. A rumor of the actress Shilpa Pokharel being proposed by Chhabi was published in online and offline media. We also talked about it although we were skeptical on the news.

shilpa-pokharel-and-chhabi-raj-ojha-lazza sets

Talking to an online magazine, Chhabi told that after reviewing his marital history he doesn’t want to marry again. He told, "I don’t have faith in women anymore. Don’t talk about marriage." He also told that he won’t be proposing anybody after the divorce with Rekha Thapa. Chhabi says that he has failed in matters related to marriage. Now, he says that the cinema is his home and his life partner.

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Nandita KC donated Rs. 81k to kids with HIV

Actress Nandita KC visited ‘Baby Life Home’ in Kirtipur to handover Rs. 81,111 to the organization taking care of HIV positive kids. The residence established four years ago is home to HIV positive 16 orphan kids.  

nandita kc at baby life home.

Nandita had raised the money during the cultural program in Hong Kong. The money was raised with the help of Miss Hong Kong Nepal VC Lileshowri Khadka, Miss Hong Kong Nepal 2012 Parina Subba, Sunita Gurung, Netra Pahari and Ganesh Basnet.

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Nepali Movie – Pran Bhanda Pyaro

Pran Bhanda PyaroNepali Movie – Pran Bhanda Pyaro
Starring – Bishnu Sapkota, Rahisha Regmi, Urmila Bhurtel, Nirpendra Gautam, Jit Gurung etc.
Script, dialogue, direction – Kamal Krishna

Pancha Parmeshowr Films presents Nepali movie ‘Pran Bhanda Pyaro’.
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Rose Rana becomes a father to a son

Producer and actor Rose Rana has become a father to a son on January 27, 2014. Rose’s wife Upama KC gave birth to a healthy son at around 7:15 PM in Norvic Hospital, Thapathali. It had been about 6 years since Rose got married to Upama (in 2064 BS).

rose rana with wife upama

Rose had been one of the most controversial producer in the Nepali film industry. He was also arrested for running illegal business and was dragged into controversy over affair with an actress. Rose has been mending his family relationship after that. The birth to the son is expected to stabilize the family life of Rose. Rose had postponed his movies ‘Heroine’ and ‘Gangster’ to start a different business.

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Did Chhabi Raj Ojha propose Shilpa Pokharel ?

In a latest rumor, producer and ex-husband of Rekha Thapa has proposed Shilpa Pokharel for marriage. The producer has been very unlucky when marriage is concerned.

shilpa pokharel and chhabi raj ojha

History of Chhabi Raj Ojha‘s martial life:

  • First marriage – divorce
  • Second marriage to Gitanjali Sunuwar ended when Gitanjali committed suicide. Chhabi has a son from Gitanjali.
  • Third marriage to Rekha Thapa in 2057 BS ended last year after 12 years of living together.

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Nepali movie – Kina Lagcha Maya

kina lagchha mayaNepali movie – Kina Lagcha Maya
StarringRaj Ballav Koirala, Garima Pant, Nikhil Upreti, Jharana Thapa, Shankar Lamichane, Rabi Giri etc.
Story, script, dialogue – Abinash Shrestha
Screenplay – Saubhagya Bhairav
Director – Gopal Chandra Lamichane

‘Kina Lagcha Maya’ is the presentation of Popular Multimeida.

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Nepali Movie – Dhukuti

dhukutiNepali Movie – Dhukuti
StarringJharana Thapa, Rajan Lamichhane, Priya Rijal, Dhruba Pun Magar, Rama thapaliya, Kamal Gaule etc.
Director – DK Pun Magar

Namuna Films presents Sushila Budha’s Nepali movie ‘Dhukuti’. The movie is about a form of financial game like a community bank. The movie presents financial frauds in the name of Dhukuti.

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Nepali Movie – Khetala

khetalaNepali Movie – Khetala
Starring – Rajesh Dhungana, Puskar Regmi, Monika Dahal, Kishor Chaulagain, Manju Rasaili, Janawi Sharma, Tamanna Pokharel etc.
Writer – Rambhakta Shrestha
Director – Shiva Ghimire

The movie ‘Khetala’ is rated ‘A’ – not for the youngsters less than 16 years. The movie is the presentation of Uttargaya Films by Ram Bhakata Shrestha

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