Mom Actresses in Nepali film industry – Karishma Manandhar to Sumina Ghimire

I wrote his article in May of 2016 – to mark the Nepali Mother’s Day. I am re-writing this article because there are three more updates in the article :

  • Sumina Ghimire gave birth to her daughter in December 25, 2015. Sumina Ghimire had gone into hiding after marrying, so it took me nine months to know about her childbirth. (photo and a video report is attached.)
  • Simpal Khanal is also expecting a new child soon. Although Simpal had also gone into hiding after marrying a UK resident guy, she had shared the photo of her big belly recently. (a video report is attached – read more about Simpal’s pregnancy here)
  • Sumi Khadka is another actress who is pregnant now. Sumi had announced the pregancy on September 26, 2016. Khadka, a former Miss Nepal, was also an actress in a number of movies. Sumi had married Chiran Basnyat in 2015. (A photo is attached.)

Video report (May 2016):

On the Nepali Mother’s Day, I had also collected the mothers of some of the Nepali actresses. The creator, mothers of the beautiful and charming actresses are mostly in the shadow of the limelights of their daughters.

But, today I am collecting the actresses who are themselves mothers. (Update of more photos and video coming soon.)
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Nepali Movie – What is Love

what-is-love-nepali-movieNepali Movie – What Is Love
Starring – Hari Udasi, Krishma Khanal, Rajan Jung Thapa, Surbir Pandit, Rashmi Bhatta, Digbijaya KC, Sita Kandel, Tirsana Budhathoki etc.
Director – Hari Udasi

This is a new movie, not released in theatre yet.

About ‘What is Love’

Nepali movie ‘What is Love’ is a new movie released online. The movie is made under Sharada Films banner. The playback singers in the movie are Rejina Rimal, Hari Udasi and Binita Karki. Lyrics are written by the director Hari Udasi. Background score prepared by Ramji Lamicchhane, choreographer is Ajaya Syangtan, editor is Jeo Gaurav, cinematography by Rameshowr Jirel, and action by Raju Kirati and Sonam Lama. The producer of the movie is Sharada Thapa Shrestha.

Watch ‘What is Love’ in full
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Surprise ! Sumina Ghimire gave birth to a daughter

Did you notice the hot actress of movies hot like ‘Star’, ‘Love Forever’, ‘9 O’Clock’ and ‘April Fool’, Sumina Ghimire has gone into hiding after getting married last year in March? After marrying the pilot boyfriend, Santosh Sapkota, Sumina had cut-off herself from the film industry and her film industry friends. She hasn’t been seen in any public functions after that.

Recently, I have found out that Sumina has already become the mother of a daughter. The daughter, born on the Christmas of 2015 is already 9 months old now. Sumina and her husband Santosh Sapkota, a pilot of Sita Air, are not seen in any film programs or public events.

Watch the video report:

Based on the latest photos of the actress, Sumina Ghimire has maintained her weight and looks as beautiful as before. Although there is no news about her return in the film industry, it would be nice to have the talented actress and dancer back in the film industry.

Full list of movies featuring Sumina Ghimire:
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Saugat Malla and Shristi Shrestha affair rumour, is it true?

Rumours are just rumours, totally unreliable. When facts are doctored and altered to support the rumour, the rumour’s reliability goes down the drain. That is what has happened to the recent rumour of affair between Miss Nepal 2012, Shristi Shrestha and Haku Kale of ‘Loot’, Saugat Malla. Watch the following video report on what had happened:

I read a gossip article in an online film-magazine that Saugat Malla and Shristi Shrestha were seen together watching ‘Jhumkee’. The report says that they had tried their best to keep themselves from the prying eyes. The photo shared in the report doesn’t show faces and there is no other proof on the claim. I would have believed in the report if the second photo of the report weren’t doctored.
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Nepali Movie – Insaf

insafNepali Movie – Insaf
Starring , Dhiren Shakya, Nikhil Upreti, Jharana Thapa, Rejina Upreti, Bikrant Basnet, Jay Kishan Basnet etc.
Director – Shovit Basnet

About ‘Insaf’

The Nepali movie ‘Insaf’ is produced by Krisha Chaulagai and written by Bikash Acharya. Ram Raja Dahal had provided a apecial support to the movie. The music of the movie is composed by Mahesh Khadka, choreography by Raju Shah, action by Yogendra Shrestha, background score by Sanjay Shrestha and the editor is Banish Shah. The playback singers are Dipak Limbu, Anju Panta and Pushpa Poudel. The lyrics are written by Gobardhan Pooja and Daya Ram Pandey.

Watch full movie ‘Insaf’
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Anmol KC grows hair, inaugurates Being Human Nepal store

In a rare public appearance, Nepali actor Anmol KC was seen during the inauguration of Being Human Nepal store at Labim Mall. In the program Anmol KC was seen in a new looks as he has grown his hair long. Currently busy in the pre-production of his next movie ‘Kri’, he is reportedly taking dance and fight training.

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Nepali Movie – Chhal

chhal-nepali-movie-nameNepali Movie – Chhal
Starring – Prajwol Giri, Sanjog Rana, Soniya Giri (Sharma), Sabina Karki, Isha Gutam, Kabisha Shrestha etc.
Director – Shiva Ji

About ‘Chhal’

Nepali movie ‘Chhal’ is a presentation of Santosh Kunwar for Karuna Films. The movie produced by Hari Kunwar and Devi Bahadur Talangi features the story of Prem Karki, screenplay and dialogue by Sanjog Rana. The music composers are Ganesh Chaudhary and Rajendra Shrestha, lyrics by Dayaram Pandey, Dil Krishna Shrestha and Gayatri Didi. The choreographers of the songs are Ajay Syantang, Bikram Gurung and Ishwor Balla Upreti. The action is directed by Shankar Maharjan, editing by Tara Thapa and mixing by Kiran Adhikari.

Watch Nepali full Movie ‘Chhal’
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It was not only Sanchita Luitel, Nikhil Upreti had affair with Sajja Mainali and Shweta Tiwari

In an interview, actor Nikhil Upreti, has told that it was not only Sanchita Luitel he had affair with. Nikhil’s first marriage with Kopila Upreti was also a love marriage. After that he had affairs with different actresses. With Sanchita, he couldn’t leave her and married. In addition to talking about his affair, Nikhil has also talked about his relationship with actress Rekha Thapa. Watch a video report on the issue before continuing about the details on the affairs.

He revealed that the rumour of affair between Nikhil and Sajja Mainali was in news. Now, Sajja is married and living with her family in the USA. Actress Sajja, the daughter of the comedy actor Gopal Raj Mainali, had married Omraj Bhattarai in 2006 (details in
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Nepali Movie – Lakshya

lakshya-nepali-movie-nameNepali Movie – Lakshya
StarringSabin Shrestha, Anu Shah, Sarika KC, Sunil Thapa, Rabi Giri, Milan Ale Magar etc.
Director – Milan Ale Magar

About ‘Lakshya’

An action movie, ‘Lakshya’ is a presentation of Om Kiran Films. The movie featuring the music of Arjun Pokharel and Tanka Budhathoki features the background music of Ramji Lamichhane. Ramji is also the choreographer of the movie. The cinematographer is Suman Kumar Tandukar, action by Himal KC, script writer is Sushil Pangani and editing by Banish Shah and Milan Shrestha.

The movie ‘Lakshya’ was released in March of 2016. There is another Nepali movie titled ‘Lakshya’ featuring Uttam Pradhan and Manoj RC (Watch ‘Lakshya’ of Uttam Pradhan here)

Watch ‘Lakshya’ in full:
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Friday Release – Jhumkee

Nepali movie ‘Jhumkee’ has released in theatre on Friday, September 23, 2016. The movie has released at the time when ‘Chhaka Panja’ is keeping its holdover for the last few weeks. The movie featuring the lead actors of ‘Kabaddi’, the script of ‘Jhumkee’ is also written by Ram Babu Gurung. The movie marks the directorial debut of the producer Apil Bista. Apil had previously produced movies like ‘Dashdhunga’ and ‘Ritu’. Apil is a film making graduate.


‘Jhumkee’ is made on the story of the central character Jhumkee, a Tharu woman, during the time of Maoist’s people’s war. Set in Terai area, the movie features Dayahang Rai, Rishma Gurung, Malina Joshi, Manoj RC, Bhola Sapkota and Bijaya Baral.

The movie was premiered on Thursday evening. The viewers of the premier show had given positive feedback about the story and the content of the movie.  Continue reading

Will Anju Panta be an actress in her 40s? Who is Anju Panta?

The popular singer Anju Panta is good looking personality. Many film producers had approached Anju to feature in their movie int he last decade. Anju had however rejected all of those offers. Now, as she approaches in the 40s (Anju turned 39 a few months back), she had told that she might re-consider her decision not to act in movies. The following video report is prepared to discuss about Anju Panta’s desire to act in movies.

Anju’s condition of her acting debut is that, the story of the movie has to be based on her own life. Why did she change her mind? Here are the reasons:

  • Anju has written an autobiography. The book is expected to release in market after a while.
  • The decision to act in movie might be a promotional strategy of the book (this is just an assumption).
  • While writing the autobiography, Anju might have seen that her story might make an interesting movie. She might be asking the film makers to consider making the movie.
  • Now, she has enjoyed the fame and money, she might have wanted to test another field – acting.

Anju still doesn’t seem to be interested in acting in professional way. She wants to be act for fun and tell her own story. If it is just for fun, she should let the professional actor to do her role. That would be more professional and interesting to the viewers. She could always be featured in a guest’s role. “The Pursuit of Happyness” would be an example of what a biographical film could be.

Who is Anju Panta ?

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Nepali Movie – Dobato

Nepali Film : Dobato (दोबाटो)
Casting: Rajesh Hamal, Nikhil Upreti, Rekha thapa, Dinesh Sharma, Garima Pant , Radha Lamsal etc.
DirectorDayaram Dahal

About ‘Dobato’

Nepali movie ‘Dobato’ is a presentation of Tanka Lamsal for Kshitij Cine Arts banner. The movie is made on the story of Deepa Narayan Jha. The screenplay and the dialogue is written by OM Pratik, music by Sambhujit Baskota, editing by Tara Thapa, action by NB Maharjan, cinematography by Shambhu Sapkota and the choreography by Basanta Shrestha and Dinesh Pakhrin. The lyrics of the songs in the movie are written by Kali Prasad Rijal, Nabraj Lamsal and Dayaram Dahal. The background score is prepared by Samrat Thapa.

Watch ‘Dobato’ full movie:
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Malina Joshi and Anoop Bikram Shahi to be featured together in Rani

A new movie, ‘Rani’ was recently announced featuring former Miss Nepal Malina Joshi and Anoop Bikram Shahi in leading role. This on-screen couple, Anoop Bikram Shahi and Malina Joshi, used to be in a relationship a while ago. After being separated for a while now, they seem to patched up and are together again.


The movie featuring Malina and Anoop, ‘Rani’ is being directed by Dayaram Dahal. The first scene of the movie was shot in a program held in New Baneshowr. The movie bing made under Jaya Ma Ambe banner features Dhruba Koirala, Hima Koirala, Ramchandra Adhikari, Kishor Jha, Subash Gajurel, Rabi Sharma etc. with Malina and Anoop Bikram Shahi. The movie will also feature actor Shiva Shrestha’s relative Manish Shrestha.
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Too many awards – same categories, same winners, winners didn’t show up

Do you know who is most excited to win an award in an award ceremony?

The first time winners are the most excited and enthusiastic when an award is announced. But, when the winner of the Best Newcomer Award doesn’t show up in an award ceremony to receive the award, there is something seriously wrong. I don’t know if that had happened in the other award ceremonies as well but, I felt it odd when the winner of Best Newcomer award, Samragyee RL Shah, didn’t show up to receive the award in NFDC National Award ceremony, held recently.

Video report:

I think, that was because, she had already won the award and there is no charm in winning more than one awards for the same movie and same role.

I wonder, how Namrata Shrestha could even feel happy – winning awards for the same thing – again and again, and again for the fifth time. Yes, she won Best Actress awards for the same role in ‘Classic’ – five different awards:

  • National Award
  • FAAN Award
  • D Cine Award
  • LG Film Award
  • NFDC Award

I am pretty sure she will win more awards in future. If I were her, after winning the Nation Award, from the President of Nepal, Bidhya Devi Bhandari, I wouldn’t have attended any other award ceremonies.
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Paul Shah and Barsha Raut best models at Music Award 2016 (list of winners)

In the Nepali Music Video Award ceremony held in the capital of United Arab Emeritus, Abu Dhabi on September 16, various artists were awarded in 18 different categories. To participate in the award ceremony singer Komal Oli, models Yashraj Garach, Paul Shah, Amir Shekh, Shyam Aryal, Shankar BC, Pooja Sharma and Barsha Raut had arrived from Nepal. Others present in the ceremony include singer Yuvaraj Chaulagain, singer Durga Kharel, Subrat Acharya and Sridhar Poudel.

In addition to the music video award, musical and dance performances were also done in-between. The director Sudarshan Thapa also announced his next movie ‘Me Yeuta Yesto Geet Gauchhu’ featuring Paul Shah and Pooja Sharma in leading roles. (My report on the announcement)

Watch a hot video of Pooja Sharma dancing in a ‘Prem Geet’ song “High high high” in the program before the list of winners (watch ‘Prem Geet’, full movie):

Award Winners:

Model and Artists:
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