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  • Air Hostess's Lady Gaga dance for your safety!

    dancing-air-hostess.jpgThe flight attendants on Cebu Pacific Airlines, a low-cost Philippine airlines, have given a fun twist to the safety instruction always delivered before every flights.

    The dull and routine demonstration was made much more interesting when the flight attendants do the safety demonstration while dancing to Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” and Katy Perry’s “California Gurls”.

    The Cebu Pacific airlines started the new method, to get the message across as an experiment. The fun filled demonstration however doesn’t replace the boring, age-old safety demonstration before the plane takes off. The dancing demonstration starts only after the plane takes off. Below the video of one of the demonstration, taken by a passenger – Read the rest of this entry »

  • TGIF gone bad: 300 students caught in Babylon Disco

    TGIF_raid It has been some time the kids enjoy the “Thank God It is Friday (TGIF)” parties every Friday, until the cops wanted to interfere today, March 19, 2010. More than300 students (313, to be exact) from 21 different colleges in the capital were arrested in Babylon Disco of Sundhara on Friday morning at 10 am. The Kathmandu police has started a series of raids on dance bars, discos and restaurants of the capital two days back. Last time police unearthed hidden dance bar, X Bar, in Sundhara and other dance bars on Wednesday.

    The students caught in the raid were in their college and school uniforms when the police entered the bars accompanied by media persons. Students represented Sigma, Redhon, Youth Vision, Siddharth Banasthali, Golden Academy, Caspian, Prime, Nobel British Gurkha Academy and NCC among other colleges and schools in the capital. The discos usually organize such parties on Friday targeting students and encouraging to bunk classes to attend the parties, infamous with name TGIF.

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  • Indian sexy dances

    These videos are created just to show-off the dancer’s body. I would prefer to say that they are nonsense dances.

    Although there is no nudity, it might be interesting to see the suggestive body shaking.

    **Not available anymore**

  • "Kajra Re Kajra Re…" Nepali girl dancing in hindi song

    Nepali girl dancing in hindi song “Kajra Re” Hong Kong stage program last year!

  • Hot chick shakes and dances

    Nice and sexy chick shakes and dances for you to enjoy.


    Sorry the music video is not available anymore.

    We won’t be updating this post again. Please visit other parts of our site. Thank you.

  • sexy song – mummy ko nahi hei pata .. mommy ko na batana , remix hindi song

    Basanti rani dancing on Mummy ko nahi he pata – remix hindi song

    (kehte hain sabhi ke badi hot hu main
    tell you what takila ka ek shot hu main) – 2
    magar khayal yeh rahe jara
    mummy ko nahi hain pata – 2
    so mummy se na kehna

    (fill me up baby fill me up
    honey main teri tu hain mera
    aaj woh ho jaayega ab tak nahi jo hua) – 2
    magar khayal yeh rahe jara
    mummy ko nahi hain pata – 2
    so please mummy se na kehna na

    (phool hu main tu phool hain toh cool hain yeh jagah
    aa jara kiss yu kare jal jaaye sara jahan) – 2
    magar khayal yeh rahe jara
    mummy ko nahi hain pata – 2
    please mummy se na kehna

    (kehte hain sabhi ke badi hot hu main
    tell you what takila ka ek shot hu main) – 2
    magar khayal yeh rahe jara
    mummy ko nahi hain pata
    mer mummy ko nahi hain pata
    mummy ko nahi hain pata
    mummy se na kehna
    Please dont tell mummy

    EDIT – sorry, the video was removed.

    Here is the song for you to enjoy, the original Chocolate movie clip of the song.

  • Sonia Khan hot mujra – from Pakistan on hindi songs

    This is a guest post. asked us to share these videos of sensual traditional dance in ancient Indian continent. The dance shows were traditionally performed in royal palaces to entertain the kings and the high ranking officials.

    It was not only the dance but the Mujra dancer girls used to live with the royals and the official to for the night too. In the time a few years back, such public performance of sensual dance have reduced to red light areas.

    sonia khan

    In current time, because of the rising of Mujra as a form of item dance in movies, the dance has gained popularity in private functions and events. The form of art has also gained popularity in the society too. iMujra is the site dedicated to the ancient art of dancing. Here are some samples of Mujra dances:

    Le ke pahela pahela pyar

    Punjabi song

    more on next page …

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  • Hindi Music Videos : Teri Kurti Sexy, sexy songs from movies Murder and Julie

    Teri Kurti Sexy.. what type of song is this?

    A romantic video song from the movie, Julie. Excellent scenes of Neha Dhupia.

    Emran Hashmi, with Mallika Sherawat from the movie MURDER

  • Mujra Dances

    The mujra dance video is not available anymore. So, I have removed it and don’t want to add more such video in this blog. Our friend at are more focused on mujra videos. So, we request you to visit site and enjoy the quality contents there.

    The following mujra dance features Bollywood actress Rekah in Amiri Garibi

    Hema Malini – her angelic face and the haunting style of the music makes this song really special:
    Jhoote Naina Bole from Lekin:

  • sexy hot sizzling mujra dance – punjabi song

    ancient mujra danceWhen the Mughals took control of India, they brought the original Hindu storytellers of many parts of India, into the courts as entertainers. But as the stories from Hindu mythology were of no interest to the Mughal rulers, what was once the dance Kathak became infused with fast spinnings, swift movements, and graceful hand gestures of Persian influence – the birth of mujra.

    After the mainstay of Mughal emporers died away, the mujra dance was performed in separate kothas (buildings) by dancers called tawaifs for audiences made up of mostly upper class young men. The ancient art of mujra dance has sensuality added to the classical Kathak dance to make it more appealing.

    More such dances can be found in this mujra blog.
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  • Hot kajra re kajra ray -Sonu Niggam song Nargis dance

  • Nargis Hot Mujra – Pakistani

  • Babuji Jara Dhire Cholo – - Indian Song – erotic version

    Erotic hindi song with lots of cleavage show and shakings !!

  • Sexy Babe Dancing At Beach Party

    Beach Dance Party

  • Turkish Babe Amina’s Belly Dance

    Amina dancing near her bed. She is really sexy and she knows how to shake her perfect belly.

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