Oct 042010
Air Hostess's Lady Gaga dance for your safety!

The flight attendants on Cebu Pacific Airlines, a low-cost Philippine airlines, have given a fun twist to the safety instruction always delivered before every flights. The dull and routine demonstration was made much more interesting when the flight attendants do the safety demonstration while dancing to Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” and Katy Perry’s “California Gurls”. [...]

Jul 052007

These videos are created just to show-off the dancer’s body. I would prefer to say that they are nonsense dances. Although there is no nudity, it might be interesting to see the suggestive body shaking. **Not available anymore**

Jun 272007

Nice and sexy chick shakes and dances for you to enjoy. Enjoy! Sorry the music video is not available anymore. We won’t be updating this post again. Please visit other parts of our site. Thank you.

Jun 072007

The mujra dance video is not available anymore. So, I have removed it and don’t want to add more such video in this blog. Our friend at Mujra.Badmasi.com are more focused on mujra videos. So, we request you to visit site and enjoy the quality contents there. The following mujra dance features Bollywood actress Rekah [...]

Jun 072007
sexy hot sizzling mujra dance - punjabi song

When the Mughals took control of India, they brought the original Hindu storytellers of many parts of India, into the courts as entertainers. But as the stories from Hindu mythology were of no interest to the Mughal rulers, what was once the dance Kathak became infused with fast spinnings, swift movements, and graceful hand gestures [...]