Jun 112007

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EDIT: I am sorry, I have to remove this post. It seems some people have problem about this post and they don’t want it to be posted here (Although, a nice, decent comment or an email would have convinced me to remove it a long-time back!).

EDIT: I am sorry, YouTube removed the video with message “After being flagged by members of the YouTube community and reviewed by YouTube staff, the video below has been removed due to its inappropriate nature.”. I am sure the content shouldn’t be inappropriate in the sense that there is no nudity. But they are the boss and I don’t want to take another chance. Your comments will be appreciated. Thanks.

UPDATE: There has been rumors and accusations regarding this post. We would like to clarify that xnepali.com has no relations whatsoever to any other websites or any reputed journalist (well, we are yet to get popular!).

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  1. can u send me the munas vidio plz

  2. hey dude can u send me the link please or the pics of ehr

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