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  • Internet-based prostitution racket busted in Kathmandu

    Posted on November 10th, 2009 3 comments

    nepal-sex-guideCollege Students- NC 25,000/-
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    The 21 year old “Mr. John” (Amit Gautam) of Samakhusi Kathmandu is arrested in Kathmandu along with students, models and celebrities (the word is misspelled in the website). Amit, who was arrested in Naxal, was acting as contact point for the website based prostitution in Nepal. The racket is actually led by Indian in New Delhi and the girls were being supplied mainly to Indian nationals visiting Nepal. Amit was being helped by Sangita Shrestha

    Sangeeta Shrestha, 33, a resident of Tahachal who was mastermind in arranging girls for the business was also arrested from her home.

    UPDATE: Photos of Sangeeta Shrestha after her arrest.(Credits: Kiran Bhattarai, RSS)

    sangita_shresthasangita shrestha2 

    Three of the prostitutes arrested are Jyoti Rai, 18, from Itahari, Mamata Prasai, 19, from Jhapa, and Rubi Singh Thakuri, 22, from Nepalgunj. Similarly, police arrested two alleged clients, Mohan Dhakal and Dik Bahadhur Khatri, during the raid. One of the three arrested is a Bachelor level student, also training to be an air hostess. According to Nagariknews, the student is very upset on her arrest and was banging her head on the wall.

    According to the website,, Sangeeta and the team keep around 40 girls on call and take them to hotels and residences to meet the clients as required. The escort racket is running similar prostitution service in seven other cities in India.

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3 Responses to Internet-based prostitution racket busted in Kathmandu

  1. sujit sharma says:

    Nepali model do not fit in model criteria, they fit just in any how money kamau, bhalehi sexual activity gare garayera nai kina nahos. kopi bahek kehi aaundaina.

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