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  • Namrata Shrestha Sex Scandal

    Posted on September 18th, 2009 429 comments

    namrata_shrestha Namrata Shrestha is in the top of the news these days with the release of her latest movie “Mero Euta Saathi Chha”.  I haven’t seen the movie yet but I have heard that it is a cocktail of Hollywood, Bollywood and Korean movies. She had shown her acting potential in her last movie  “Sano Sansar”.

    This post is not about her acting or movies but about a 8 minutes video circulating in the internet recently. I am not much sure, but the dimple of the girl on the video resembles that of Namrata. The girl in the video seems to be well skilled in what she was doing. Although the couple are talking in English it sounds pretty much like Nepali ascent. The girl, although looking a bit drunk, is well aware of the video recording as the flash lights are turned on. At some point, she tells “turn it off please…. its disturbing”.

    namrataPlease see the screenshot from video and compare with the original photo of Namrata. Do you think it is Namrata? If the latest scandal proves to be true she is supposed to be on headline for quite some time.

    I hope the video is not a fabricated one to defame the aspiring artist.

    UPDATE: Another video has surfaced. A 2:25 minutes long video seems like the first video in the series in which the guy blindfolds the girl. There should be more videos in the series. Too bad, they are talking in English all the time and not a single Nepali word. That’s why, I can’t be too sure that she is Namrata. It seems, there are more videos to come up as the guy told at the end of this video that he is going to setup the camera on a tripod.

    UPDATE 2 (RUMORS): If rumors are to be believed; Namrata told that she was the girl in the video. The video was told to be released by the wife of the guy in the video as she took them to Maiti Nepal, a woman’s right advocate in Nepal, for her husband’s apology on the matter.

    Detailed Profile of Namrata and some more photos (credits –

    UPDATE 3: A website, filmykhabar, says that the guy in the video is DJ Trantik. Wife of DJ found this video and she took it to Maiti Nepal. It is still not known who released this video in the internet.

    namrata-shrestha namrata_shrestha namrata_3clip22

    The scandal video is not suitable to be posted here so I suggest you to search it in the xnepali forum.

    I am posting a music video instead: video from the movie “Sano Sansar” featuring Namrata Shrestha. :)

    UPDATE 4 (Sept 22): Finally I could see the full video when one of the xnepali forum members has posted it in the forum. At the end of one clip somebody knocked on the door and the guy asked in Nepali "Ko Ho?" (who is there). That is the only Nepali conversation on the whole video. None of the accused, Namrata and DJ Tantrik has told anything for or against the video.
    It is sad incident that such a video was released to general public. I hope this incident teaches a lesson to the people not to take such videos and even if they do secure it so that it won’t be released like this one. And one should never trust anybody in such matters.

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429 Responses to Namrata Shrestha Sex Scandal

  1. Hunter says:

    Very bad scandals as a Nepali society ,in culture difficulty to digest in abouis

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  3. aindra says:

    you are spacel act name of nepal you make porn videos

  4. bikram grg says:

    j hunu vayo aba dnt mstake again again again hoi

  5. surya says:

    sexy heroin ho yo sabai lai taha xa ne

  6. jameel says:

    hi sexi garil good after noon

  7. sonamlove says:


  8. rakash thapa says:

    namrata jee tapai dharai ramro cha,malae pani tapai laai bhetna monlagako cha

  9. tik tik says:

    she has a very nice figure and a very beautiful face. love you namrata

  10. no nmae says:

    with out sex na gari ko chai basla ahile ko age ma.. aru ko ni hola ni tara privacy hola tetti ho namrata ko chai net ma ayo.. this is not a big issue.. guys we have to incearase to her.. yedi tapai haru le nai bad comments garnu bhayo bhane,,,,

  11. be says:

    This issue is given more importance than necessary. It’s their personal freedom. who the hell are you to question their motives?

  12. bijay says:

    dear namu i dont think that it was”t u.if u have gone through that type off intertenment then also its have gone through from it.past is past

  13. dhiraj says:

    life is struggle way so don’t hesitate that sex videos case. sex is compulsion to our passient be practically who have play the dirty game. give up that character model ok.

  14. santosh says:

    Dear namarata, when is releasing your next adult movie. we are waiting,

  15. Dil Bahadur karki says:

    i love u namrata,ua so cute,i lyk ua al movie.lov u abt da scandls:it was nt upto our expectation,v nvr xpct such 4rm,bt …….sex s done by evry livng being.its a part of lyf,privacy shud b maintaind.dnt evr try to do such thng nxt tym

  16. Keshav Sharma says:

    Don’t dare to do that again. You are spoiling the name of nepal. Go abroad make porn videos who cares. You were my best actress & i liked u so much but u lost it all. Don’t worry everything will be fine in few years. Your loving friend Keshav Sharma.:-)

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