Dec 222011

Mahabaudha Records presents
Kamal Gaule‘s 11th Gaijatre Jhataro
Nepali Comedy – Note of Decent (2068)
Writer / singer / actor – Kamal Gaule
Director – Kamal Gaule

Single part video (length 1 hour)


  4 Responses to “Nepali Comedy – Note of Decent (2068)”

  1. verry nice,,,,,,,,,,,next prog……..

  2. […] Nepali Comedy – Note of Decent (2068) – कमल गाउँले को गाइजात्रे बिशेष (भिडियो, भाषा – नेपाली) […]

  3. This one remove now & send me new nepali movies please.

  4. Waooo mast movie. K ramro comedi gareko hahaha.

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