Nov 222012

Nepali movie ‘ATM’ is releasing on  November 23, 2012. The movie directed by Yadav Silwal features Dinesh Thapa, Jiya KC, Sabina Karki and Sonia Sharma in leading roles.


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The movie features the , cinematography of Ratna Karki, fight direction of Shankar Maharjan, music direction of Santosh Pragad, choreography of Kabiraj Gahatraj, editing of Dawa Sherpa, story of Dinesh Thapa, script / dialogue of Nischal Shrestha.

Crew Background


Although the movie features new actors, all of them have received a good amount of publicity because of the release of a trailer earlier. Dinesh Thapa, the lead actor is also the writer and one of the producers of the movie. Three actresses Jiya KC, Sabina Karki and Sonia Sharma quickly raised to fame because of chhada dialogues they delivered in the earlier trailer.

Yadav Silwal is known for directing movies like ‘Manav’, ‘Timi Jaha Bhaya Pani’, ‘Shikari’. But, none of his movie have been that much successful in the past. Let’s hope ‘ATM’ will be an exception.

Movie and media response
Because of excessive sex content ‘ATM’ was one of the most talked about movies in Nepali movie industry’s history. The censor board was so upset by it’s content that it was forced to remove one fifth of the movie. Many had predicted that was the end of the movie. But, the movie was re-shot and has passed the censor evaluation. Some suspect, the essense of the movie might have been removed by the censor board. We will see it on 23rd.

Media was highly critical of the move because of the openness the movie featured. Almost all advocated that Nepali society is not matured enough to accept such profanity in movies. Media coverage, whether positive or negative are considered good for the marketing of the movie. Hence, the initial crowd in theater is expected to be decent.


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