Nov 152013

atm movieNepali Movie – ATM
StarringDinesh Thapa, Sabina Karki, Sonia Sharma, Jiya KC, Khusbu Khadka etc.
DirectorYadav Silwal


The movie titled Any Time Masti (ATM) had been one of the most controversial movies of all time. The vulgar dialogue and sex scenes had been highly criticized by everybody involved in the movie industry. The movie was banned by the government on the first day of release. Pre-release review of ‘ATM’ was posted previously.

‘ATM’ is the presentation of Dinesh Thapa under D Films banner.

Full movie in single part:


Upload credit – Music Nepal

Enjoy the music video from the movie:
Charchar Chiriyo Jawani
Singer : Indira Joshi

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  5. All Time Masti…yo movie din khojeko सन्देश!!!मस्त movie छ! I Like This movie! हेर्न न भुल्नु होला?

  6. o this atm novis

  7. when the movie will be available

  8. wow supop this A.T.M movies

  9. when will be the movie be available

  10. Best of for new i want to see this movie.plz send me the movie atm in my gmail.

  11. can u load this movie

  12. the video is removed please repost it

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