Mar 302013

bahadurNepali Movie – Bahadur
Starring, Bipana Thapa, Raj Thapa, Pawan Joshi, Parbati Adhikari, Richa Dhakal, Gopal Bhutani etc.
Director – Ashok Shrestha


The Nepali movie ‘Bahadur’ is made under the banner of Shree Kuleshowr Mahadev Films and is presented by Nanikaji Thapa. The movie features the script and dialogue of Raj Kumar Shrestha. The director Ashok Shrestha has written the story of the movie.

Full movie in three parts:

The movie is not available.

Star Cast

Rajesh Hamal – The biography and the list of the movies of the superstar of the Nepali film industry is available in the following link:

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Bipana Thapa – Actress Bipana Thapa left the Nepali film industry after marrying an Indian businessman. The profile and the list of the movies of Bipana is available in the following link:

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Watch rajesh Hamal’s another movie:


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