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Nepali movie ‘Bindaas’ is releasing on  August 24, 2012. The movie directed by Raju Giri features Sushma Karki, Sushant Karki, Ashok Phuyal, and Roshni Ghimire in leading roles.

bindas_poster (2)

The movie features the cinematoraphy of Rajendra Sapkota, fight direction of Roshan Shrestha, music direction of Arjun Pokharel, choreography of Mahesh Godar, editing of Dirgha Khadka, and story / script /dialogue of Bhoj Raj Devkota.

Crew Background


‘Bindaas’ is an attempt to sell the name of the hot actress Sushma Karki and there is nobody else to look forward to in the movie. Although, Sushma Karki has already done a couple of flop movies she has recently reached a height after the success of her item song “Udhreko Choli …” in the movie ‘Loot‘. For Sushma Karki this movie is very important to prove that she can act.

The director, Raju Giri, was relatively unknown before the hype in media due to his previous unreleased movie ‘Chandrawati’. He was accused of inserting an intimate scene in the movie ‘Chandrawati’ to get an adult certificate.

‘Bindaas’ has it’s share of controversies due to some scenes involving the actress Sushma Karki and a provocative photo of the actress in one of it’s posters. It seems, Raju Giri is trying to publicize the movie by using sex as the central topic and the controversies as the tool to attract bigger audience in the theaters.


bindas_poster (4)Movie and media response

Based on the information available now, ‘Bindaas’ is a story of youths and their thinking about sex. The movie seem to have tried to show the negative thinking of youths about sex and how they are taking this word in their life. It features some scene where Sushma Karki will be doing some intimate romance with male actors. The media have written about the sex scenes in the movie. As it is only sex that has been linked to the movie, the media response is not that positive. We suspect the movie might be similar to similar sex-themed movie – “The Last Kiss“.

Video Trailers of ‘Bindaas’:

Some more posters of the movie:

bindas_poster (5)

bindas_poster (1)

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