Jun 212013

bindaasNepali Movie – Bindaas
StarringSushma Karki, Ashok Phuyal, Sudan Dhital, Sushant Karki, Roshani Ghimire, Madhu Shrestha, Alija Rijal etc.
DirectorRaju Giri


This movie is the presentation of Universal Colour Grading Studio and Madhu Shrestha’s second presentation. The movie is produced by Madhu Kumar Shrestha.

We had previously written the review of the movie – ‘Bindaas’ moive review. A pre-release review with cast and crews of ‘Bindaas’ was also posted previously.

Full movie in single part (HD Quality):


Two parts version:
Part 1

Part 2

Credit – Budha Subba Music.

Watch the second sequel of the movie:

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  1. i like this

  2. […] with the fourth sequel underway. The third sequel of ‘Bindaas’ is is also underway (watch ‘Bindaas’ and watch ‘Bindaas 2′). The sequels of ‘Hostel’ (watch ‘Hostel’ […]

  3. […] was featured in leading role. In the third sequel, Sushma is being replaced by Suvekchya. (click to watch ‘Bindaas’ and watch ‘Bindaas […]

  4. […] seem to be featured in place of the hot actress of previous sequels, Sushma Karki. (click to watch ‘Bindaas’ and watch ‘Bindaas 2′) In the movie, Suvekshya will romance with Ashok Phuyal. Other […]

  5. […] movie ‘Bindaas’ (watch ‘Bindaas’ in xnepali) was made on sex-theme and featured actress Sushma in hot role. Although the movie got […]

  6. ramro raha6

  7. Nepali comedy
    Meribashai 2013

  8. second part ko sound kata gayo hola.

  9. yes

  10. khasai ramro chai lagena

  11. Yes, Susma was right to leave her former boyfriend and finds new one, as he wasn’t good enough as she expected. That was a good message to the lover boys or girls who are inexperienced for the love-life. A song like ‘rim jhim rim jhim pani paryo’ is beautifully shot in the rain-fall is worth watching and listening of its tune, one of my favorite song too. Quite frankly, lately, Susma Karki is one of my all time favorite actress in the kollywood film industry. Weldon keep it up !!!

  12. its little good film.


  14. bindas not to bad it's good ,,,

  15. nepali movies like this cant run well due to the above flime.

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