Aug 222009

This movie was one of the highest grossing movie in the history of Nepali movie industry.
drapan_chayaShrawan Ghimire for Siddhanta Films P. Ltd. presents:
Nepali movie – Darpan Chhaya (2001)
starring: Dilip Rayamajhi, Niruta Singh, Uttam Pradhan, Tulsi Ghimire etc.
Director: Tulsi Ghimire
UPDATE: Two parts – full movie

Part 1


Part 2

Upload credit – PNP Media

Songs from the movie:
Jindagani Darpan Chhaya – by Sadhana Sargam

Tyo Danda Paari – Udit Narayan & Deepa Jha

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  1. nice flim

  2. nice movie i like it thanks all movie team.


  4. hi it is very nice movie thanks

  5. The end of the movie is vague. Don’t consider cancer as a deadly disease which takes person life so easily there is remedy for every type of cancer. FROM USA.

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